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Corkian Separatist Hideout StructureIcon.png
The back of the hideout
Coordinates X: -5835, Z: -2390
Access Points Rensa's balloon
Suggested Level 87
Involved Quests Mixed Feelings
Monsters Manipulated Corkian, Fanatic Assistant, Enraged Corkian, Crazed Experiment A3-K4

The Corkian Separatist Hideout is the base where the Corkian Separatists plan their attempts to keep foreigners out of Corkus Province. Unlike the Corkian government, which seeks to gain international approval and recognition, the Separatists believe their society is pure as it is, free of outsiders, and wish to keep it that way. The Hideout contains signs regarding their experiments with creatures and chemicals, as well as some indicating they have held prisoners there. It mostly contains Patriotic Engineer and Patriotic Scientist mobs, but also some others hinting at their strange experiments.

Points of Interest[]


  • Many cells containing strange mobs and signs hinting at the actions of the Corkian Separatists.
  • The back chamber where the strongest Separatists attempt to kill the player.




Image Name Level Health AI Type Abilities Elemental Stats Drops Location
PatrioticScientist.png Patriotic Scientist 86 4100 Melee - - - Corkian Separatist Hideout
PatrioticEngineer.png Patriotic Engineer 86 4100 Melee - - - Corkian Separatist Hideout
CrazedExperimentA3-K4.png Crazed Experiment A3-K4 86 ??? Melee - - - Cell 1 (Right side)
ManipulatedCorkian.png Manipulated Corkian - - - - - - Hideout Back Room
FanaticAssistant.png Fanatic Assistant 86 6400 Melee Slowness, Multihit - - Hideout Back Room
EnragedCorkian.png Enraged Corkian 87 1000000 Melee - - - Hideout Back Room

Javen's Renovation[]

Javen's Upper Bar StructureIcon.png
The renovated back of the hideout
Coordinates X: -1375, Z: -2900
Access Points Tunnel at (-1375, 102, -2850).
Corkian Security Executive
NPC Info
Location Renovated Hideout

After the quest, the Corkian government decided to give ownership of the hideout to Javen, since he had the closest property to it. He soon renovated the entire hideout, using much of it to store drinks and putting in a Potion Merchant selling only Potions of Drunkness. This version of the hideout is on the main map, not a quest area, and can be accessed after the quest, through a tunnel at (-1375, 102, -2850).


Potion Merchant


Renovated Hideout
-1383, 70, -2849
Wynncraft Map


Renovated Hideout
-1391, 73, -2838
Wynncraft Map
  • Corkian Security Executive: You must be the adventurer we were told about. Don't worry, we have been informed about everything.
  • Corkian Security Executive: The work of those separatists has been undone, but there was a pretty long argument about the ownership of this hideout...
  • Corkian Security Executive: In the end, it was decided that it should belong to the barkeeper, because he owns the closest property. He's been quite busy renovating ever since.