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Corkian Separatists
NPC Info
Location Corkian Separatist Hideout
Quest Involved Mixed Feelings

The Corkian Separatists are a group of humans from Corkus Province who wish to keep outsiders from the Wynn Province and Gavel Province out of Corkus. Their leader appears to be Rensa, although this is never explicitly stated. They believe that Corkian society is far above the level of the others, and feel that the government's attempts to support inter-provincial relations with Corkus will only result in their society being degraded. They reside in the Corkian Separatist Hideout, hidden above the Corkus Docks, where they plan their schemes to increase public resistance to outsiders. One such scheme, which plays out during Mixed Feelings, involved drugging the player with an rage-inducing drink they developed, and having them run rampant in the Corkus Docks to make outsiders seem insane and untrustworthy to the Corkian public.