Corkus Delegate

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Corkus Delegate
NPC Info
X: -1381
Z: -2931
Location Throughout the Corkus Province
Quest Involved The Envoy Part I, The Envoy Part II

The Corkus Delegate is an NPC appearing in The Envoy Part I and The Envoy Part II. In The Envoy Part I he greets the Player right after they first set foot in Corkus, he then proceeds to gives them a tour of the Corkus Docks and of Corkus City. he then gives them a departing gift of 4 Blank Powder IVs and tells them about the feast for them at Five Gears Diner. Later in the quest when the player arrives back in Corkus City with Maxie. When Maxie tells him about the new mechs, but he doesn't believe him and tells the Player not to listen to Maxie. Later in The Envoy Part II he is found in the Corkus Vaults, with the mech having blown a hole in the wall, he apologizes to the player for not believing Maxie and tells them the mech left a trail of farm produce behind, and to follow it if they serious about fighting it.

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