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Corrupted Betrayal
Quest Info
Length Long
Location Undergrowth Ruins
Province Wynn
Combat Level 52
Starter NPC Troms Mage
Reward As follows:

Corrupted Betrayal is a long level 52 quest around the Undergrowth Ruins Dungeon and the Jungle.


Slykaar, a shaman, used to protect Troms by sacrificing people. However, when Bob came to Troms, the people rejected Slykaar. Now, Slykaar seeks revenge against the city, and the player must find a way into the Undergrowth Ruins to stop him.

Stage 1[]

» Talk to the Troms Mage at the dungeon entrance at [-641, 59, -872]



  • Troms Mage: Stay back! I'm casting a fireball at this barrier!
  • Troms Mage: Gah, no use. Again.
  • Troms Mage: Ah, I didn’t expect to see a Ragni soldier out here. Perhaps you can assist me?
  • Troms Mage: This is the second cave in the jungle to start spewing out aggressive slimes.
  • Troms Mage: Being so close to Troms, it’s become a major problem.
  • Troms Mage: We tried to attack it, but this barrier is shaman magic, horrendously powerful too. The only way it could be this strong is if many lives were taken to make it...
  • Troms Mage: So, we're stuck. The only clue we found is this riddle...
  • Troms Mage: Near a corrupted bridge, a ruin past its prime...lives a cursed sheep, with the color of lime...lead it down the trail, heading to the slime...sacrifice its soul, in the blood and grime.
  • Troms Mage: We haven’t been able to work it out. Head out to the Great Bridge entrance and see if you can find anything.

Stage 2[]

» Use the Mage's riddle to figure out where it leads

Spoiler alert: The hidden text contains spoilers relating to solving the mage's riddle.
Jungle Path
-601, 62, -654
Wynncraft Map


  • Troms Guard: If you are heading towards the Great Bridge, be cautious in the plains around the jungle entrance.
  • Troms Guard: I have received reports of a strange cursed sheep taking refuge in one of the more fortified ruins around there.
  • Troms Guard: As far as I know, it is trapped in the ruins by some jungle growth, though if it was cut down it might escape...

Fortified Ruins
-530, 65, -670
Wynncraft Map

Go to that location, after getting there you should find a "Cursed Slingra Sheep". Open the leaves door by pressing a button on the floor and guide the sheep through the slime path. You will find a slime cave with a dropped journal in front of it.

Outside Slime Cave
-650, 61, -669
Wynncraft Map


  • You find a tattered journal on the ground in front of this slimy cave. You skim through some of the pages...
  • ...this cave...for some reason it seems to erupt with fresh slime masses every minute...
  • ...the bottom...has a weird pit...maybe used to sacrifice something...
  • ...maybe...if you bring a mob there...by letting it follow you... you can do something...dark...
Image Name Level Health AI Type Abilities Elemental Stats Drops Location
CursedSlingraSheep.png Cursed Slingra Sheep 53 25000 Melee AI (No Damage) - - - Jungle
Newly-formedSlime.png Newly-formed Slime 50 834 Melee AI - - - Slime Cave
  • You seem to have fallen into an ancient ruin of some sort. Maybe the incantation is somewhere inside...

Stage 3[]

» Explore the temple for a way to break the barrier.

  • In 831 AP, Troms was on its knees. Hordes of undead were crippling the army and castle.
  • The King sought the help of a shaman, Slykaar. Shamans use the life of sacrifices to inflict damage. Dark magic.
  • Slykaar defended Troms. At an immense cost. Slykaar loved the attention and power. He controlled the city.
  • Troms had suffered from the hordes and from the endless sacrifices of Slykaar for years.
  • Then... Bob appeared. The people of Troms instantly dropped their horrible shaman for the pure hero.
  • Slykaar, bitter and humiliated, sunk underground to restart his demonic experiments for an army.

The Experiment Notes can be found within the temple, at [-1627, 75, 610].

  • Experiment Notes: Project "Slingra"
  • Entry 1: Began collecting jungle animals of all types. Placed them in cages to ensure they won't escape. Will begin extracting DNA soon.
  • Entry 2: All animal DNA has been extracted. Starting mutation of DNA; will collect results when finished.
  • Entry 3: All animal DNA failed to mutate. Turned into a slimy mass upon completion of mutation process. Will continue testing to get better results.
  • Entry 4: Still not getting substantial results. I have found however that the undead produce slime masses closer to a successful mutation.
  • Entry 5: Had the first successful mutation today. Achieved by combining two undead animals together. Very powerful; could be a good candidate for a soldier.
  • Entry 6: I have discovered something darker. Stronger. If I can harness this power, I can bec̵͠͠o̴͜͞ḿ̡̡͝ę̡ ̀͞͞t̡̀h́͜͢é́͢ ̶҉̵G̕͟Ò̴͜D̕͟ ̸̨́͞ǫ̵͝f̷͘ ̷͘͠t̸̡̡̢h̸͡í̷͞s̷̢̕͝ ̕͞͝͠w̨̧̡̕o̵̡͢r̨͠͏̢l̸̡̨͘͞d̶̕͠.̨̕͘

The Vial Chest can be found within the temple, at [-1627, 76, 591].

  • You find a chest filled with dusty vials of...something. You begin to read the labels...
  • Jungle Ocelot DNA. Dire Wolf DNA. Even Jungle Fetish DNA? You begin to feel uncomfortable, but you keep looking.
  • You find a vial at the very bottom. It seems to have burned a hole of darkness right through the bottom of the chest...
  • You try to read the label, but it strains your eyes just looking at it. All you can make out is "Vial of De̢͏r҉n̷̡i̡͏̧͏͢c̕̕ ̶͝͏̡͡Ę̵̷͝s̶͟͜s̶͜ę̴͜ņ̶̛c̨͘e͢"...
  • ...it's probably best to stop looking now.

Entering the room at [-1668, 49, 602] will cause the machine in the room to activate and spawn a slime which you must kill to progress.

Image Name Level Health AI Type Abilities Elemental Stats Drops Location
MutatedSlimeMonster.png Mutated Slime Monster 50 3470 Retreat AI - -
Basement Storage Key
Slime Machine
  • It appears the mutant contained the key for that door.
Right-click the key into the door lock to progress.

The Strange Invitation can be found on the floor at [-1690, 49, 604]. By picking it up, you can read the following description:
The letter says in faded letters:
"The King of Troms has hereby invited you to help assist in fighting off the undead. As a gift, we have lent a house to you so you can live near Troms for the time being. Your house will be at the coordinates: [-732, 65, -974]

Andoni, Advisor for the King of Troms"

Stage 4[]

» Go to Slykaar's residence to find out what is hidden there

Slykaar's Residence
-725, 61, -941
Wynncraft Map


  • Troms Guard: By order of the city of Troms, I am here to keep other citizens from entering this house.
  • Troms Guard: From past experiences, everyone who has entered this house has vanished from existence...
  • Troms Guard: I would advise not going inside unless you know what you are doing.

Inside Slykaar's House
-721, 50, -965
Wynncraft Map
  • It's an old, dusty journal. It seems to be left open to a page. You begin to read it out of curiosity...
  • ...Troms is beginning to grow suspicious of me...some guy named Robert came into town...
  • ...I know they will banish me...he is too good...too nice...
  • ...I must open a portal...make a dimension to become more powerful...
  • ...the books...I have prepared well for this...
  • ...I will carve a hidden room...behind a visible wall...to create my world...my revenge...
Spoiler alert: The hidden text contains spoilers relating to finding the hidden room.

To open the door you have to press the button at [-726, 49, -970].



  • ???: Well, I guess you must know who I am.
  • ???: Welcome to my domain. I am the hero of Troms, Slykaar.
  • Slykaar: Well, I used to be. Banished by the very people who asked for my help. Pathetic.
  • Slykaar: They couldn't give me a few peasants for their safety? Weak.

Stage 5[]

» Get through Slykaar's dimension to reach the incantation

Image Name Level Health AI Type Abilities Elemental Stats Drops Location
SolidifiedSlime.png Solidified Slime 52 1342 Melee AI Charge -
Slime Chunk
Slykaar's Dimension

You need 25 Slime Chunks to create a bridge to the next island. Then, you must continue crossing islands via an invisible path and some slime parkour. As you progress, Slykaar will continue talking to you.

  • Slykaar: I experimented my shamanism for many years underground to create the perfect mix of monster.
  • Slykaar: Most ended in horrific slimes. Aggressive and powerful, but alas, just slimes.
  • Slykaar: Then I found this place. A dark land. A dark god. A source of power.
  • Slykaar: You mediocre wielders of magic have no idea what this world holds.
  • Slykaar: You all strive to be that hero of heroes, “Bob”, but here's the truth. He's lost. You're lost.
  • Slykaar: No one in the Wynn province is willing to make the sacrifices I am to gain power.
  • Slykaar: If you want power, you have to give some. Sacrifice a few to save many.
  • Slykaar: They were willing to give me a few peasants in 831, when the hordes crossed the bridge.
  • Slykaar: The king was happy to throw away lives to save his. But then the hero of Wynn waltzed in a few years later.
  • Slykaar: They banished me like a rotten fruit. Their hero, their protector. So what if a few hundred nobodies died for it.


  • Slykaar: Looks like we have a Bob aspirer. Pale imitation.
  • Slykaar: Take the scroll. Break the barrier and let your little army men walk into my lair.
  • Slykaar: I am ready; it makes little difference. Soon, Troms will be in ruins. And I shall have my revenge.
  • Slykaar: So, go have fun in Troms while you can. It's not like you have much of a life to live, anyways.

Image Name Level Health AI Type Abilities Elemental Stats Drops Location
SlykaarIncantation.png Slykaar Incantation 1 10 None AI - -
Slykaar's Incantation
Slykaar's Dimension
  • You should probably head back to the Mage to show her what you found...

Stage 6[]

» Give the incantation to the Mage so the barrier can be destroyed



  • Troms Mage: Any luck with the riddle?
  • Troms Mage: You found something?
  • Troms Mage: Hmm...oh my. This is dark stuff. Very dark.
  • Troms Mage: It doesn't give me pleasure to use this...but it will break the barrier.
  • Troms Mage: Stand back, I'm not exactly sure what this does.

Stage 7[]

» Wait for the Mage to cast the incantation on the barrier


The Mage will use the spell on the barrier, creating a series of particle effects and sounds.

  • Troms Mage: The spell...it destroyed the barrier almost instantly...
  • Troms Mage: Okay men! The barrier is down, so charge against Slykaar before he marches against Troms!
  • Troms Mage: I don't have much to repay you, but it's at least useful for a soldier like you.
  • Troms Mage: If you have nothing else to do, you should get yourself prepared and aid the army against Slykaar.