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Corrupter of Worlds
Species Human (Skeleton, Corrupted)
Level 100
Quest Temple of the Legends, A Hunter's Calling
Health 150000
Special Drops Corrupted Heart
Elemental Effects
Neutral 100-235
Earth Defense
Thunder Defense
Water Defense
Fire Weakness
Air Weakness

The Corrupter Of Worlds is a boss, encountered at the end of the Temple of the Legends quest. Kelight has you kill this boss in order for you to prove that you are worthy enough to enter The Temple of the Legends. The Corrupter of Worlds is located in a cave next to the left of the Temple of Legends. The Corrupter of Worlds has Corrupter Spawn (Endermites) in its chamber with it.


The Corrupter of Worlds used to be the leader of one of the human mining groups near Nether Portal, and was the first one to enter it when it was first discovered. However, the corruptive influence of the Nether caused him to go insane and mutate into his current form, leading corrupted from the Portal and personally slaughtering his mining crew.

As stated in A Hunter's Calling, he was later sealed by one or more members of the Twain family.

Kelight uses him to test adventurers whether they are brave and skilled enough to gain access to the Temple of the Legends (Location).


The Corrupter of Worlds is a very fast-moving melee boss, and represents a significant spike in the difficulty of the game. It is notable for its fairly fast movement speed and extremely fast attack rate (once every tick, or 20 times per second), and becomes very dangerous in close range, often surprising unwitting new players. It doesn't have any ranged attacks, but can cast Multihit and Pull. The Corrupter of Worlds (and its Corrupter Spawn) are weak to Fire and Air and are resistant to Water, Earth, and Thunder. It also heals itself at a rate of 5000 health every 10 seconds.

Properly utilizing movement and knockback/slowness/blinding spells helps greatly in defeating the Corrupter of Worlds. It is also recommended to have a large stock of mana potions in your inventory to quickly regenerate mana, as it can prove fatal if you run out of mana.

  • Warrior's Bash causes significant knockback, and Warscream will push it back a large distance as well. Uppercut will trap it for a while, which allows time to retreat.
  • Archer can use Arrow Storm at somewhat-close range to push it back, as well as Arrow Shield in a pinch at even closer range. Escape's blindness effect can be used as well, but is generally less effective, and attempting to consistently land close enough to cause the effect can often prove to be more trouble than its worth. As such, Escape should generally only be used to maintain the player's (or party's) Speed III effect.
  • Mage's Ice Snake is very useful, since it greatly slows its speed. Teleport also allows for an instantaneous escape if caught, whereas the other classes' movement spells will often be canceled by the Corrupter of Worlds' extremely fast attack speed.
  • Assassin's Vanish allows for time to recuperate, and Multihit provides some knockback, although not quite as good as the other classes. However, Spin Attack's hitstun is useful, freezing it for a second or two.
  • Shaman's Aura Spell can trap it for a couple of seconds, allowing you to heal up.

When the Corrupter of Worlds is killed, four Corrupter Spawn will spawn at its point of death.


  • CoW is a commonly used acronym for Corrupter of Worlds.
  • The Corrupter has received many different buffs and nerfs to its strength.
    • Used to be able to inflict fire on hit.
    • Multihit spell was originally a replacement of its then-removed ability to hit once per tick. However, the Gavel update returned this ability.
  • All classes have spells that the Corrupter is weak to.
  • The idea behind the Corrupter of Worlds came from Lord Iban of the Underground Pass from Runescape.
  • The Corrupter of Worlds may also be a reference to Terraria's Eater of Worlds. This is supported by the mechanical form you can fight later on in the game.

The Corrupter of Worlds stuck behind a nether brick slab in its arena

  • It is possible to knock the Corrupter of Worlds into a spot in the south-west corner of the room at -1917, 968, one block west of a nether bricks slab, behind which the Corrupter will get stuck (but can still be hit with any ranged attack).
    • This can make it significantly easier for Archers in particular to kill the Corrupter of Worlds solo by using Arrow Shield or Arrow Storm to knock it into the corner and then simply shoot arrows at it from outside the range of its Pull and Multihit spells, while keeping up a constant Arrow Shield to deal with the Corrupter Spawn.
  • It is not possible to climb onto any of the visible ledges in the arena (including the obsidian protrusions on the ceiling), as there are barrier blocks in the way.
  • The in-game name the owner of the skull that the CoW wears is IGotSuperpowers.
  • The Corrupter of World has its own mechanic version in the Legendary Island Challenge, called the Mechorrupter of Worlds.