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The Corruption
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Origin Collision of Light and Darkness
Main location Wynn Province
...The Darkness and Light grew closer, but never touched... At least, not on their plane of existence. They fight for influence over our land from afar. However, when the two touch through influence, it is not twilight that is formed. But a land of corruption.
~ WynnExcavation Site D

The Corruption is one of the biggest issues faced by the Wynn Province, and a focus point of many of its quests. Similar to the Gavel Province's Decay, the corruption was introduced into the realm some 1000 years ago, starting the Corruption War. It has spread far and wide since then, spawning vast armies of corrupted creatures to invade the Human lands of Wynn.


The Corruption is created when the Light and Dark touch through influence (simply: try to conquer the realm).

In Wynn Province it first appeared in 0AP (after portal), when the emerald miners uncovered the Nether Portal near the Detlas Suburbs. After a first human, now known as Corrupter of Worlds entered the Portal, he emerged from it, leading first hordes of undead.[1] After that the Corruption began to spread from the portal and created the Roots of Corruption.

The Nether used to be the battleground of the Realm of Dern and The Realm of Light, as the Player's realm is now too.[2] In the conflict a chaotic force was created, destroying everything it was capable of reaching.[3]


It is capable of changing land, raising the dead from their graves, and altering any living being in many unique ways, either in physical[4] or mental way.[5]

Even though the Corruption might not be visible, it is still there, as it spreads through underground roots.[5][6] So far nothing has been able to stop the corruption, although magic of Theorick Twain has shown the ability to slow it down. It is theorised whether it is because of Theorick's magic or ice magic in general. [7][8]

Notable corrupted individuals[]

List of known individuals that entered the Nether Portal and became corrupted.

  • Corrupter of Worlds - Captain of miners that discovered the Portal and the first human to enter it.[9] He is currently sealed in a cave near Troms.[10]
  • Bak'al - Leader of the undeads and powerful magician. He currently serves to the Dern Beast.[11]NOTE: Bak'al doesn't lead the Corruption, only the undead armies.
  • Theorick - Tried to stop the Corruption by using his ice magic within the Portal. He then imprisoned himself in Ice Barrows.[8]
  • Garoth - Studied the Corruption and was pushed into the portal studying it closely. He is now residing in Lost Sanctuary.[12]
  • General Skien - Unlike the others who went through the portal to be corrupted, Skien was changed after he starved to death on the island that shares his name.[13].Unlike most corrupted, he retained his mind at the start, which is why he still fights and kills the other undead around him.