Courag StructureIcon.png

Ruins of Courag
Coordinates X: 1555, Z: -5090
Suggested Level 90
Type/Biomes Ruins
Monsters Dogun Brute
Obsidian Guard
Crumbling Dogun
Crumbling Shaman
Uses Decoration, Grinding

Courag is the ruins of the great Dogun capital in the southeast Lower Molten Heights that fell due to the infamous Dwarven-Dogun War. Following the horrific destruction of the city, the Doguns that remained alive were forced into hiding on the surface of the Heights.[1] As of the present, the ruins of the city can be used for grinding purposes due to the numerous mobs that spawn, and it also contains a Tier III Loot Chest.

This city is the location of the festival. The festival is to teach people of the history of the war and the Dwarves accomplishments. This area was used during Dwarves and Doguns Part I

Points of Interest


  • A library can be found at the top of the tower in the back of the town and contains unreadable books of the Doguns' history.
  • The bridge built across the city can be accessed through a tower in the center of the ruins. On the south end of it resides a Tier III Loot Chest.


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