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This page contains spoilers. Readers are discouraged from continuing if they want to discover features by themselves.

Cracked Canyon SiteIcon.png
Discovery Lore
Earthquakes form cracks bursting with mystical energy throughout the canyon. These cracks grow with each quake, and eventually, may lead to a catastrophe.
Coordinates X: 555, Z: -4348
Suggested Level 80
Uses Discovery
Requirements None

Cracked Canyon is a Secret Discovery in the Canyon of the Lost. The discovery focusses on the earthquakes that occur in the canyon.


Canyon of the Lost
555, 123, -4348
Wynncraft Map


  • Right-click the bottom of the crane to trigger the cutscene.


Once you have right-clicked the crane, it breaks and you get launched backwards. Then the earthquake starts and the earth begins to split open, creating a crack in the ground.

  • Canyon Miner: "What in the gods' names happened out here!?"
  • Canyon Miner: "No! My crane!!!"
  • Canyon Miner: "Damn! Another one of these cursed earthquakes!"
  • Canyon Miner: "That colossus... If this crack it made grows... I'll have no choice but to move."
  • Canyon Miner: "The thing truly threatens our livelihoods in the canyon, if only someone could stop it..."


The cutscene is not repeatable. Once you have completed the Secret Discovery, the crack in the ground will stay.
If you try to break the crane again, the Miner won't let you:

  • Canyon Miner: "Scram! I don't need my crane breaking again!"