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Craftmas Cracker

Type Rare
Obtain Festival of the Blizzard
Usage On use, tells a joke related to Wynncraft.
May present a choking hazard. Proudly produced in Corkus!

Craftmas Crackers are a novelty item introduced in the Festival of the Blizzard, running from December 10th, 2021, to January 3rd, 2021, although they were not available until December 25th, 2021. Craftmas Crackers cannot be sold on the Trade Market, but they can be traded amongst other players during and after the event.

Craftmas Crackers can be obtained after inviting General Graken to Detlas, as he will give you 16. Further purchases of Craftmas Crackers are through the Craftmas Cracker Vendor.

When used, the item will be consumed, playing a firework sound effect with brick particles spewing out, and then telling a joke formatted as such:

  • You open up a Craftmas Cracker...
  • {Question}
  • ...
  • {Answer}

If you chose to enable gifts, then the following dialogue would play:

  • Oh, it look's like there's a gift inside!
  • [+{Reward}]

List of Jokes[]

Question Answer
What's the best place to party under the sea? Galleon's Raveyard.
I hear the villager judge somehow ended up in Nesaak on his way to the Llevigar courtroom. Yeah, he lost his Gavel.
What do you call an Aldorei resident stuck in the cabinet? Elf on the shelf.
Did you hear the story about the Wybel invasion? Oh, don't worry. It's all just fluff.
Where in Wynn do you go to fix your broken ship? Nem-wrecked.
Did you hear the time Santa had to take his presents back because of a defect? Yeah, everyone's presents got Nicked.
How does the Dark Forest inhabitant feel everyday, on top of being miserable? Geli-bored.
You heard of the elf on the shelf, now get ready for... Bak'al in the hall.
Did you hear one of Bob's teachers actually made a lot of mistakes while teaching him? They really Ethed up a lot.
Why did the atoner with the sweet tooth go to Almuj? He wanted to get his just deserts.
Hey, did you hear the joke about the new Mythic? ...nevermind, no one's ever gonna get it.
Why did Mael take an airship ride? To raise his spirits.
I hear the folks in Elkurn are really honest. Everything they say has an Elkurn-el of truth to it.
What do you call a town where dogs live? Maex.
Did you hear about the Bovemist dance club? The people in there really know how to moooove.
What did the Ramhead Worshippers sing for Craftmas? Fleece Navidad.
Help I'm stuck writing jokes in a cracker facto- -
Our new illumination robot doesn't seem to be working. Yeah, the guy who made it wasn't the brightest bulb in the box.
What did the poor villager say after he lit his candle? Oh, lux.
Knock Knock. Who's there? [1] Bak'al.
What's the dwarf's favorite type of music? Rodoroc and roll.
Why did the zombie fail the heist? He didn't have the brains for the operation.
Why are there so many fences around Death's Realm? Because everyone's dying to get in.
How do the Gavel Airships fly? They Letvustate.
Why are Humans so succesful at everything they do? They're born Wynners.
What did the Skeleton say after falling apart? No bones about it, this stinks.
Why did the Seaskipper need new glasses? It was getting hard to sea.
What do the people in the jungle village drink? Ibojuice.
What's a jungle-dweller's favorite instrument? The Tromsbone.
Why did the zombie lose the election? He got accused of corruption.
Where do the troublemakers go during Craftmas? Sin-fras.
How does the strong enemy in the Decrepit Sewers think? Witherhead.
What's a Gert's favorite season? Spring.
Why did the mesa dweller turn to a life of crime? He had to Ry-make ends meet somehow.
Where does Santa put his coldest gifts? In the Nesaak.
What's a Warrior's favorite pie topping? War Cream.

List of Rewards[]

The Confetti reward will give unique dialogue compared to other rewards:

  • Oh, it looks like there's confetti inside!
Confetti [2][3]
6 Craftmas Gifts
16 Emeralds
32 Emeralds
128 Emeralds
Tier II Powders
Tier III Powders


  1. This is split into two lines.
  2. Plays a brief animation of red, white, and green sparkles.
  3. This is the only reward if you have rewards turned off.