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Craftmas Gift
Type Untradable
Obtain Wynnter Fair Minigames, Dropped from Elusive Elf
Usage Wynnter Fair Merchants

Craftmas Gifts are a reward currency obtained at the Wynnter Fair in Lusuco. The Wynnter Fair has been run annually since 2016; during the most recent Wynnter Fair, which ran from 10th December, 2021 until 3rd January, 2022, Gifts could be obtained from the Parkour, Dodge 'Em, and Thin Ice minigames, and spent on exclusive items from various merchants throughout the Fair. Gifts can still be spent at the Wynnter Fair merchants after it has officially ended, but can no longer be obtained.

The 2021 Wynnter Fair ran concurrently with the Festival of the Blizzard in Detlas, and several Festival-related activities also required or rewarded Craftmas Gifts. In previous years, they could also be obtained from the Avalanche and Santa Says minigames, and as drops from the Elusive Elf.

Spending Gifts[]

As of 2021, the following merchants and activities require Craftmas Gifts:

Obtaining Gifts[]

  • 12 Craftmas Gifts are awarded for completing the Parkour minigame for the first time, and 9 Gifts are awarded for every subsequent completion.
  • 8 Craftmas Gifts are awarded to the winner of the Dodge 'Em minigame.
  • 8 Craftmas Gifts are awarded to the last survivor in the Thin Ice minigame.
  • Enzan would gift players 24 Gifts after Christmas Day 2021, if he was previously invited to the Festival of the Blizzard.
  • Craftmas Crackers have a chance of containing 6 Gifts when opened.


  • Upon leaving the server, the Gifts revert to a head and cannot stack with new Gifts. However, Gifts that are glitched in this way are still accepted by merchants and NPCs.
  • Most of the Fair's rewards can also be bought with Emeralds on Craftmas Island while the Fair is not running.
  • Craftmas Gifts were previously able to be converted into Emeralds at 32 emeralds each at the Exchange Merchant by the Pig Puck Arena.