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Crazy Cat Lady
Type Rare Hostile Mob
Level 20
Health 375
AI Type BurstRanged AI
Elemental Properties
Weakness Water
Defense Earth

Crazy Cat Ladies are a Rare Hostile Mob found in the Savannah.


Crazy Cat Ladies are a ranged enemy that follow the player and attack by firing projectiles from a distance. They fire multiple projectiles at a time in inaccurate bursts.

Crazy Cat Ladies take more damage from Water attacks and less damage from Earth attacks.

They have no abilities.


Crazy Cat Ladies can drop the following items when defeated:

Ocelot Pelt [✫✫✫]
Tier 0 Crafting Ingredient
+0% to +4% Walk Speed
-24 Durability
+4 Agility Min.
Crafting Lv. Min: 23
  • Tailoring
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Savannah Stone [✫✫]
Tier 1 Crafting Ingredient
+2 Defense
+3% to +4% Fire Damage
-36 Durability
+4 Defense Min.
Crafting Lv. Min: 25
  • Jeweling
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Cat Food [✫✫]
Tier 2 Crafting Ingredient
+1/5s Mana Regen
-10% to -8% XP Bonus
-310s Duration
Crafting Lv. Min: 28
  • Cooking
  • Alchemism
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Premium Hay Bale [✫✫]
Tier 2 Crafting Ingredient
+4% to +6% Walk Speed
-9% to -7% Fire Defense
+1% to +2% Gather XP Bonus
-52 Durability
+5 Agility Min.
Crafting Lv. Min: 26
  • Armouring
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Sun-Stained Skin [✫✫✫]
Tier 3 Crafting Ingredient
+7 to +9 Health Regen
-8% to -6% Health Regen
+2% Gather XP Bonus
-80 Durability
Crafting Lv. Min: 27
  • Tailoring
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Crazy Cat Ladies may additionally drop Normal Items, Unidentified Items, Emeralds, Powders, and Potions of Healing.


Crazy Cat Ladies can be found all throughout the Savannah. They only spawn at certain locations, like other rare mobs.

Spawn Node
817, 73, -1765
Wynncraft Map
Spawn Node
720, 80, -1897
Wynncraft Map

Table data[]

Image Name Level Health AI Type Abilities Elemental Stats Drops Location
CrazyCatLady.png Crazy Cat Lady 20 375 BurstRanged AI - ✽ Weak
✤ Def

Ocelot Pelt

Savannah Stone

Cat Food

Premium Hay Bale

Sun-Stained Skin