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Entrance to hideout
Coordinates X: -887, Z: -1211
Suggested Level 15
Involved Quests Creeper Infiltration
Temple of the Legends
Type/Biomes Cave
Monsters Creeper
Uses Quest
Requirements Wear the Creeper Mask

Completion of the Creeper Infiltration Quest

Other Information
This is one of the only location in which Creepers spawn.

Creeper's Hideout is a cavern in the Pigmen's Ravines south of Ragni. At the end of the parkour, a charged Follower Creeper is found, and it will blow up the entrance to the cave for you. The cave itself is involved in the Creeper Infiltration and Temple of the Legends quests. It is filled with friendly Creepers that will not attack you even if you attack them, as long as you have the Creeper Mask on, and drop Creeper Powder.


  • The only way to enter the hideout is to wear a Creeper Mask. The mask can be bought from the Mask Merchant in the Hidden Village.




  • This is one of the two locations in the Wynn Province where Creepers can spawn, the other being the Lost Sanctuary.
  • If you take off the Creeper Mask after entering the cave, you will be teleported back to the entrance.
  • Attempting to enter without completion of the Creeper Infiltration quest will prevent you from entering, even if the player is wearing a Creeper Mask.
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