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Creeper Infiltration
Quest Info
Length Medium
Location Pigmen's Ravines
Province Wynn
Combat Level 15
Starter NPC Thomas
Reward As follows:

Creeper Infiltration is a medium level 15 quest taking place in the Pigmen's Ravines.


Thomas, the food manager for the Ravine Village of Pigmen's Ravines, tells the player about the Pigmen that have overtaken the grain field and asks them to help get rid of the Pigmen.

Stage 1[]

» Talk to Thomas in the Pigman Ravines at [-608, 89, -1431].



  • Thomas: Oh, finally, someone has come to this hidden village!
  • Thomas: I am Thomas, and I help manage the supplies for this ravine village. Though, I have a bit of a problem...
  • Thomas: We're running low on ravine grains, which is our main staple we use for our food.
  • Thomas: We usally get it ourselves but recently an angry group of pigmen took over the tunnel to the top of the ravine, where the grain grows.
  • Thomas: The last time we entered, I heard an explosion from the top. I fear the pigmen are blowing up our grain supply with TNT...
  • Thomas: You appear to be much stronger than I am, so maybe you can get past the tunnel pigmen and eliminate the explosions at the top.
  • Thomas: Just keep to the right wall of the ravine and climb up the stairs to reach the entrance. Also, be careful in the tunnel, as the pigmen throw rocks as a weapon.

Stage 2[]

» Enter the tunnel at [-823, 96, -1339] and reach the top of the ravine
Note: To get to the tunnel, go up the ramp starting at [-780, 88, -1335], then turn right.

Image Name Level Health AI Type Abilities Elemental Stats Drops Location
TunnelPigman.png Tunnel Pigman 14 70 Ranged AI - - - Pigman Tunnel

Avoid the mobs in the tunnel, and go to the end to trigger a cutscene of a creeper walking up to you and blowing up, knocking you back down to the village.

Image Name Level Health AI Type Abilities Elemental Stats Drops Location
ScaredCreeper(CreeperInfiltration).png Scared Creeper 15 Invulnerable Cutscene Blows up -
Creeper Skin
Top of Pigman Tunnel
  • A piece of the creeper came along with you after the blast catapulted you here. Maybe Thomas would like to take a look at it.

Stage 3[]

» Bring back the [Creeper Skin] to Thomas at [-608, 89, -1431]
Use any attack on the Creeper Skin to pick it up, then take it down to Thomas.



  • Thomas: I didn't expect you to fall out of the sky like that. Are you okay, or should I go get the potion merchant to heal you?
  • Thomas: You're fine? Oh, good to hear. Did you manage to get rid of the pigmen and their explosives?
  • Thomas: A green creature? A "creeper"? No such thing exists in this world, especially with the pigmen all around!
  • Thomas: Oh, you brought a piece of skin back. How odd, I've seen this skin before...
  • Thomas: There's a large cave over to the south. I tried to enter it, but I got ambushed by green creatures...
  • Thomas: I thought I was just dreaming, but these "creepers" you talk about...they might live in that cave.
  • Thomas: I have an idea. I need to know for sure that they live there. A merchant can make you a mask with the skin and another material.
  • Thomas: There's a Pigman Overlord that sometimes hangs in a cave nearby. If you can kill it, you can get a pigman hide strong enough to make the mask.
  • Thomas: If you continue on the western path past the tunnel entrance, you should find a camp where the Overlord is located.
  • Thomas: Go get the pigman hide, and then come back to me so I can tell you what to do next.

Stage 4[]

» Retrieve [1 Pigman Hide] from the Pigman Overlord near [-826, 91, -1259] and return to Thomas

Image Name Level Health AI Type Abilities Elemental Stats Drops Location
PigmanOverlord.png Pigman Overlord 20 380 Melee AI - - Pigman Hide Pigman Camp


  • Thomas: I see you have the hide. This skin will work perfectly for my plan.
  • Thomas: There is a Mask Merchant in this village. He can make you a mask with the two materials I have.
  • Thomas: With the mask, you can put it on and go undetected into the cave with these "creepers". Only then will we know the truth.
  • Thomas: To get to the creeper cave, follow the western path and turn left at the pigman camps.
  • Thomas: Also, if you somehow lose the mask, the merchant can make you another one if you bring him another piece of skin and hide.
  • Thomas: Here are the materials. Be careful out there. Who knows what those green monsters could do to you...

Stage 5[]

» Buy the creeper mask from the merchant and enter the creeper hideout at [-850, 96, -1212]
There are multiple caves along the path - the one full of plants is the hideout. You need to wear the mask in your helmet slot to enter the cave, otherwise, you will be pushed back when you try to enter.

Stage 6[]

» Bring Thomas [1 Creeper Powder] to prove him creepers exist in Wynn at [-608, 89, -1431]

Spoiler alert: The hidden text contains spoilers relating to getting the Creeper Powder.

First, do a short parkour over some water in the cave entrance. You will find a Creeper Follower mob, which will follow you around the cave. Bring it to the dead end and it will blow up, opening the entrance. Then, pick up some of the Creeper Powder lying around on the floor of the Creeper's Hideout.

Image Name Level Health AI Type Abilities Elemental Stats Drops Location
CreeperFollower.png Creeper Follower 15 50 Protect AI Blows up - - Creeper's Hideout
Creeper.png Creeper 15 50 None AI - - - Creeper's Hideout


  • Thomas: So, what was in the cave? Were there really creepers in there?
  • Thomas: What's this? It smells like gunpowder...but more earthy. And this came from the cave?
  • Thomas: This powder is definitely not native to this area. It has to have come from those creepers.
  • Thomas: I guess for now we'll leave them at peace. If they do exist, they don't need to be hunted down to extinction.
  • Thomas: Besides, if they are composed of gunpowder, they could easily blow this ravine to pieces.
  • Thomas: Thank you for your help. I guess you deserve some sort of reward, considering you helped solve the ravine's big mystery.
  • Thomas: Feel free to come back to our village any time. By then our food supply should be stable.


  • Even though the Creeper Mask is only an Untradable Item and can be reobtained by going through the creeper cutscene again, it would be wise to hold onto it for the Temple of the Legends (Quest), during which you will need to re-enter the hideout to talk to Garull, to save some time.


  • This quest was reworked in the 1.16 Corkus Update.
  • There is a bug that the emerald block reward can't be stacked, however it can be fixed by trading it at a bank.
  • Quest helmets were originally designed only for this quest. Later on, they became more common in other quests.
  • Thomas may be a reference to Thomas from the Maze Runner series.