Crop Failure
Quest Info
Length Medium
Location Olux
Province Gavel
Combat Level 52
Farming Level 20
Starter NPC Anast
Reward As follows:

Crop Failure is a medium level 52 quest based in Olux.


In Olux, a travelling salesman named Doubiss has sold a 'miracle fertilizer' to the residents of the town. Anast, whose crops are withering, blames Doubiss for the recent events so he sends the player to find out the truth.

Stage 1

» Talk to Anast in Olux, at [-1834, 62, -5557]

-1834, 62, -5557
Wynncraft Map


  • Anast: Grr...that no-good, lying, cheating, thieving...graaah!
  • Anast: You! Help me out over here! You aren't doing anything important right now, and this is urgent!
  • Anast: I got a few questions for you, see? Question one: D'you think crops are supposed to look like THIS?
  • Anast: Look at them. I don't think there's a way for 'em to look any more sorry than this.
  • Anast: Wha- You think the Oats over there look fine?! Pff. Yeah, right.
  • Anast: If that's the case, go grab a scythe and try harvesting those Oats yourself!!
  • Anast: Go on, do it! I dare you! See how good they really are!!

Stage 2

» Gather [3 Oats] from around Anast.
Harvesting the Oats there will give you Rotten Oats instead of Oat Grains or String

  • Anast: See? What'd I tell ya? Rotten to the roots! Nothing here is ANY good!!
  • Anast: They were growing pretty slow this year, all my crops, and then some salesman walks into town with some "MiracleCure" fertilizer.
  • Anast: I shoulda known it was too good to be true, but he said everyone else tried it too, so I bought some and tried to salvage this mess.
  • Anast: And here we are- me out half my savings and my fields as smelly and dead as an actual CORPSE!
  • Anast: Just to prove this ridiculous phony Doubiss is a fraud- Here. I see some roots over here. Watch this, and tell me if this is a "miracle!"
  • Anast: Here we go, here comes the big phenomenal growth he promised me!
  • Anast: WOW, INCREDIBLE! AMAZING! It's almost like this is actual poison or something!!
  • Anast: That Doubiss won't budge for my refund. I spent... so many emeralds... on this tripe! So that's where YOU come in.
  • Anast: He's in that blue and gray tent by the bank. I don't care how you do it, but get my money back and we'll split it half-and-half, deal?

Stage 3

» Find Doubiss the salesman in Olux near the bank at [-1769, 66, -5539].

-1769, 66, -5539
Wynncraft Map


  • Doubiss: Good day to ya! What is it ye be needin' from ol' Doubiss' stock?
  • Doubiss: Oh. Oh, goodie. That idiot farmer's sendin' ya to get his money back, ain't he? Sweet baby bovine, this is ridiculous...
  • Doubiss: Since he obviously ain't gonna be listenin' to me anytime soon, lemme tell ya what the issue is with my fertilizer...
  • Doubiss: Nothing! My fertilizer really does work! He probl'ly exaggerated how good I said it'd work, too! What'd he say, twice, three times the growth? More?
  • Doubiss: All the other farmers are usin' it right now and look at their fields! Heck, the only reason these crops ain't dead is because of my product!
  • Doubiss: Y'know why? Next time ya' pass a farm, take a good whiff o' the water, maybe a sip or two if you can manage. It'll be smelly and bitter.
  • Doubiss: The crops, when I got here, were lookin' as pathetic as ya get. I ain't a gamblin' man, but I'd be willing ta bet something's up with the water here.
  • Doubiss: The smell gets worse the closer ya get to the crypts in town, and while I ain't a native Oluxer, I've heard enough to know the wellspring is in the cave hear there.
  • Doubiss: It'll prob'ly be best fer everyone if ya took a looksee. Maybe if ya find some evidence, ya can show that to the crazy farmer, have 'im quit pesterin' me, eh?
  • Doubiss: The cave is on a little hill, next to the crypt. Careful ya don't go trippin' over a gravestone, now!

Stage 4

» Search the aquifer at [-1781, 85, -5598] for the problem with the water.

-1781, 85, -5598
Wynncraft Map
  • Doubiss: Oi, bucko! Took my advice, eh? I'd figured I'd join ye, 'n see for myself what was goin' on.
  • Doubiss: And boy am I glad I bring me water in bottles. This stuff's rancid, full a' swamp slimes. No idea why they're here, though.
  • Doubiss: The buggers stick to mountain caves. They don't come down this far, usually... suppose there's an exception fer everything.
  • Doubiss: 's no wonder that Anast's crops ain't growin'. This is right under his farm! But we got some clear proof now, ain't we?
  • Doubiss: Howzabout ya take care o' this? I ain't a fighter, but if ya mulch these slimes the water oughta clear up, I figure.

Stage 5

» Kill the slimes in the aquifer and bring back [Polluted Slime] to Anast.

  • Something huge is dropping from the ceiling!


  • Anast: Pyyyyeww! Yeesh, kid! You smell worse than a pig's sty! What the heck happened to you, where've you been?!
  • Anast: Ugh, eww! I don't want any of this sludge! I demand an explanation, now!!
  • Anast: ...mhm, went into the well cave...and found what, slimes?! Why would SLIMES be there?
  • Anast: I wouldn't believe you if you weren't... well, uh... covered in the stuff. But that's definitely rancid.
  • Anast: So... that means I've been... oh dear lord I'm an idiot.
  • Anast: I guess I owe you some thanks anyway for trying to clear the sludge out. Suppose this year's harvest is just a bust.
  • Anast: Can't sell what little I have, so I figure you can take it, and a bit of cash too, since you basically did an exterminator's job.
  • Anast: Just... do me a favor and use that money to buy some good soap and wash up. I'm thankful and all, but you stink to high heaven!


  • The reason the slimes are in the aquifer is explained in the secret discovery, Decaying Mountains.
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