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Cryptic Key
Item Cryptic Key
Type Key
Obtain Killing an Ancient Construct
Usage Opening caches for Loot Chests

Cryptic Keys are obtainable by killing a rare mob called Ancient Constructs in the Ruined Olmic City. Upon defeating the mob, the item is dropped in a quantity of 1-2.


(translated from Ancient Wynnic)

"Opens up to my caches! Don't touch!! -Arna"


These keys are used to provide access to loot chests around the city. Upon usage on a lock, a block breaks nearby providing access to the chest. The following is a list of the known locations for these caches:

 Location   Ruined Olmic City   X   674  Y   77  Z   -598  Wynncraft Map 
 Location   Ruined Olmic City   X   710  Y   93  Z   -465  Wynncraft Map