NPC Info
X: 258 Z: -3913
Location Maro Peaks
Quest Involved Zhight Island (Quest)

Czytash is an NPC located at Maro Peaks. He is the father of Tirt and involved in the quest Zhight Island. He did fix their broken ship before heading home and is now waiting for Tirt to man up and sail the boat home on his own. During the quest he will give you an Odd Smelling Crate, containing Zhights stuff. Although he does not like him, he does not want anyone to starve.



  • Czytash: Ah, yes, I did find plenty o' supplies on that ship.
  • Czytash: I assumed it was more of Phief's thiefed goods, so I took it home to use it myself.
  • Czytash: It is Zhight's supplies you say?
  • Czytash: Aye, of course it had to be that idiot's.
  • Czytash: I guess me thinking he's dumber'n a box o' rocks is no reason for me to let him starve... Here, take the crate.
  • Czytash: I haven't opened it yet, so everything is left exactly how he ordered it.
  • Czytash: I wonder what is on that numbskull's menu, that crate smelled rancid. Almost threw it off me boat.
  • Czytash: Anyways, good luck on your adventure matey.
  • Czytash: Sorry, what was that? My son?
  • Czytash: Ah, I figured it is about time he learned how to maneuver a boat. I fixed everything before I left.
  • Czytash: When he returns, he will return a man.
  • Czytash: Wait, why am I telling you this? Butt out of my personal life, and just bring the man his crate.

After Quest

  • Czytash: I sure hope my son figures it out soon...
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