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NPC Info
X: 896 Z: -2870
Location Mage Island
Quest Involved Beneath the Depths

Dalben is an NPC who resides on Mage Island. Dalben will restore the map of Javier in the Beneath the Depths Quest.


Mage Island
883, -2872
Wynncraft Map


talks about dalben during the mission Beneath the Depths"' Dialogue:

  • Dalben: What's this? A traveller? How may one assist you?
  • Dalben: Ah I see, you wish to explore the ocean depths? But for what possible reason?
  • Dalben: This map.. How did you acquire it? This is enchanted by our people..
  • Dalben: You... you seek Sarnfic, don't you?
  • Dalben: Alas, that place has history. We, the Mage Council, banished that city long ago to hide the horrific power hidden within a treasure a pirate hid there.
  • Dalben: A pair of boots, made from a black material fashioned from the stone of an evil place, incredibly dark magic. But we do not believe the filthy idotic pirate knew what he'd found.
  • Dalben: I must say, we, the council regret having to lay waste an entire village over a pair of boots. There was no other way.
  • Dalben: Who knows why he even kept the boots. If he had known about their power, I'm sure he would have used it for evil. But we sense no evil in you, so as such we will aid you in your quest.
  • Dalben: We hope that you will use the boots for good, despite the dark intentions. We will lift the enchantment once lain upon the charts, but it will cost you.
  • Dalben: Give me 5 Emerald Blocks, that should cover the cost.

speak after the emeralds given[]


  • Dalben: Brilliant. That seems in order. Here you go.
  • Dalben: We only hope that the treasure will never fall into the hands of that pirate again, we much rather they fall into yours.
  • Dalben: Well? What does it say? Go to that location! Find the treasure!