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Dead Island.png
Discovery Lore
A wealthy family claimed the entire island to settle on when the waves first settled, but a mysterious event has brought dark influence to the island, robbing it of its vibrancy.
Coordinates X: 800, Z: -3850
Suggested Level 68
Quest Starts Haven Antiquity
Type/Biomes Island
Island Size Large
Docks West: 770 -3880
Monsters Hostile Mobs (Ocean)

Dead Island is a large island in the northeast part of the ocean. It used to be called Alive Island, but after an unfortunate incident, the island was taken over by forces of Darkness that transformed it to what we know it as today. The beast that caused the island to transform was later killed by a soldier from Ragni, though the island never recovered. Dead Island is primarily composed of only ruins and mainly inhabited by Dern Minions, Awakened Spirits, and Dead Villagers. Because of this, and because of their high spawn rate, the area is considered a good grinding spot for levels 64-72.



Points of interest[]


  • An ominous large cave is located north of the island, holding the remains of a huge beast.
  • Old Siwel's ruined mansion is located up the hill, close to the large cave. The player needs to talk to Old Siwel here in the quest Haven Antiquity.
  • An old graveyard is located on the eastern side of the island. Inside the crypt stands a gravestone, in which the player needs to step on to access Alive Island.
  • A Bovemist Church is located up from the graveyard. Dead Island Bovemists are found here.



Old Siwel


Seasail Merchant


  • Dark trees grow on the island, making it a viable alternative for gathering dark wood instead of the Dark Forest.


Miniquest Name Miniquest Type Min. Level Coordinates Items Required Combat XP Given Profession XP Given
Gather Dark Logs III Woodcutting 68 925, 47, -3883 44 Dark Wood or 44 Dark Paper 26000 37000
Slay Dead Villagers Combat 70 762, 35, -3890 16 Severed Hearts 92400 -