Death's Realm

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Death's Realm TerritoryIcon.png
Discovery Lore
Devoid of color, all the souls of the dead will make their way to here, the realm of the dead.
Access Points The Krolton's Cave
Suggested Level 87
Type/Biomes Death's Realm
Other Information
Unlocked during Beyond the Grave
~ Death

Death's Realm is a realm connected to the one which houses the Wynn and Gavel provinces, similar to the Realm of Light. The realm's actual size is unknown, but the explorable area consists of a large valley with mountainous terrain on all sides, with a few sparse trees. The realm has a perpetually dark gray sky, and is visually made up almost entirely of different shades of gray, including the food. Its sole inhabitant is Death, a skeletal individual who resides in the large mansion at the centre of the valley.

The Afterlife[edit | edit source]

The area is first visited during the Beyond the Grave quest, and thus is unlocked at level 87. It is nearly devoid of features; other than the occasional tree or pond, the only structures are Death's Mansion, a small graveyard, and a portal to return to Gavel.

It is stated by Death that all intelligent beings, including human players, end up in his realm when they die; they simply forget that they were ever there after “respawning”. It is implied that other creatures, such as non-sentient mobs, might also appear in the valley. It is unknown if all living things respawn and return to the world after visiting Death's Realm, or if some move on to an afterlife of sorts. The player arrives in the realm after being killed by Krolton during Beyond the Grave, and can only escape by defeating the beast.

When a being dies, its soul awakens in Death's Realm, where it is welcomed by Death. Some stay there for eternity, as Souls, but Death does give them a choice to move on, in exchange for making a “deal with Death”.

Death's Mansion[edit | edit source]

Death's Mansion is a major location in Beyond the Grave, and one of the only structures found in the explorable valley of Death's Realm. It consists of several rooms, including an entry hall, a kitchen and dining room, a library, a bedroom, an office and a bathroom. There is also a room containing several large hourglasses, filled to various heights; each is dedicated to the remaining lifespan of a single person, and the massive hourglass in the centre of the room shows how much time is left before the universe itself dies. A large courtyard is located in front of the mansion, housing a statue of Death himself, as well as a small fountain. Behind the mansion is a large garden, containing a small pond, some gray trees, a graveyard with what appears to be a small stone doghouse, and a gateway (similar to the Gavel Gate) which transports the player back to Bantisu Temple.

Inhabitants[edit | edit source]

Several creatures make their homes throughout the valley, although nearly all of them are a Soul which now inhabits Death's Realm. These souls can be found throughout the Mansion and the grounds, and represent various personalities: relaxed, gloomy, lost, and others. In addition, a few unique beings can be found: these include Death, but also Opi, Kaede, and Death's pet cat, Dark Lord Snugglebuns. No hostile mobs exist in the realm.

Gallery[edit | edit source]

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • The music track "Castle" (officially titled "Funeral Service at 10 o'clock") plays throughout Death's Realm.
  • Death's Mansion contains several humorous easter eggs:
    • A poster can be found above Death's bed reading “Keep Calm and Don’t Live On”, a parody of a similar phrase originating from World War II.
    • Death's sink is labelled with three temperatures, including "Hot", "Scalding", and "Would you like your skin back?".
    • While exploring the mansion during the quest, the player is spoken to by death several times, before being invited to his office.
    • A small glass bottle filled with dirt is found in an alcove on the bottom floor of the mansion, a reference to a meme originating from the Pirates of the Caribbean franchise.