Wynncraft Wiki
Species Unknown
Level 150
Quest Tower of Ascension
Health 500000
Special Drops Crystal Shard [Floor 7 - Level 10]
Elemental Effects
Earth Damage, Defense
Thunder Damage, Defense
Water Weakness
Fire Weakness
Air Damage, Defense

Death is the seventh and final boss of the Tower of Ascension, and is found at the top of Floor 7. It is a level 150 mob, attacking at medium range with scythe-like projectiles. Additionally, Death possesses a multihit and knockback spell. When killed, it drops the "Crystal Shard [Floor 7 - Level 10]", given to the Floor Master to end the quest. According to Doctor Legendary, the boss is not actually Death, but an impostor, though the player meets Death himself in the quest Beyond the Grave.


Death is a skeletal figure with pitch black clothing, and two red eyes covered by a grayish hood. It wields a black and white scythe with a skull near the base of the blade, and its projectiles appear as stone hoes. Black particle effects appear for its knockback and multihit spells.


Death is found at the top of Floor 7 of the Tower of Ascension.


Death utilizes a projectile strategy seen in other ToA bosses, however his damage, health and spells are all vastly increased in power; his large health pool of 500,000 will prove tough, and his multihit can deal upwards of 10k damage if all hits connect. He will also utilize a possibly threatening Arrow Storm spell, which deals fairly high damage at a high range. Due to the arena's small size, it is impossible to completely outrange this attack.


Main Attack Multihit (Per Hit) Arrow Storm (Per Hit) Push
870-872 870-872 ? -

Additionally, four bosses from previous levels spawn in addition to Death throughout the fight - if one is killed, another will spawn to a maximum of four. These bosses include Snow Bear, Argaddon, Witch-Doctor, Guardian (Boss), Chained Beast, and Alkevo. They spawn at their typical statline with no buffs or debuffs. Players should try to keep weaker bosses such as Snow Bear alive as to lessen the threat. These factors make teaming up with another player a highly viable strategy, and partnering up with at least one other adventurer is highly recommended.

Death itself attacks at medium range with scythe-like projectiles, in similar vein to Witch-Doctor. These projectiles can be strafed at medium-close range, however players should be extremely cautious of Death's Multihit attack.