Wynncraft Wiki
NPC Info
X: 555 Z: -7879
Location Death's Realm
Quest Involved Beyond the Grave

Death is a NPC in the quest Beyond the Grave. He lives in a strange realm where all souls go when they die. In the quest, the player meets him after being 'killed' by the monster Krolton. The player then must bargain with Death, and return to the living world.

When a soul return to the living world, Death erases the memory of his realm from them. But in the quest Beyond the Grave, Death let the player remember their experience.

Death is known to have an interesting personality; he is very talkative and strict about what happens in his castle.


  • Death tells the player that he has a wife.
  • Unlike the realistic personification of Death, Death has a humorous attitude, who tells lots of bad jokes and puns.
  • The fact that it speaks in capital letters is probably a reference to Death from Discworld