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Death Whistle
Quest Info
Length Medium
Location Olux Swamp
Province Gavel
Combat Level 53
Starter NPC Voer
Reward As follows:

Death Whistle is a medium level 53 quest in the Olux Swamp.


The herb master, Voer, has run out of Black Whistle. When the player returns, Voer is revealed to be a thief by Lari, and later realizes that he sold the dangerous Pink Pelulite to a regular of his instead of the Pink Pelute. The player must take the action needed to stop the customer from going berserk.

Stage 1[]

» Talk to Voer at [-2103, 59, -5427].

Olux Swamp
-2103, 59, -5427
Wynncraft Map


  • Voer: Hello! Hmm, armour, weapon, look of grim despair... You must be from the Wynn province!
  • Voer: My name is Voer, and I'm an exotic plant merchant. I sell all kinds of, uh, perfectly legal goods to the magicians of Gavel.
  • Voer: Lately, this Decay has been making business rather tough. The magical plants that used to grow here are dying.
  • Voer: The need for magic has never been as big as it is now, and without supplies, the magicians of the swamp simply cannot operate!
  • Voer: I need Death Whistle in particular. It's not as deadly as it sounds, I promise- the name's just archaic, if I recall that from that- er, my book.
  • Voer: It is a rather rare plant with all sorts of mystical properties, so much so that it can animate objects around it!
  • Voer: Look for the highest mountain in the swamp south-east from here. The Decay hasn't reached the peaks yet, you see!

Stage 2[]

» Find the mountain at [-2064, 56, -5190] and a way up on it.

Olux Swamp
-2064, 56, -5190
Wynncraft Map

Stage 3[]

» Go to the top of the mountain and get 1 Black Whistle Leaf.

Image Name Level Health AI Type Abilities Elemental Stats Drops Location
100px Falling Rock 53 1300 Melee AI - Air: Weakness
Earth: Defense, Damage
- Inside Mountain at
-2064 56 -5190

There will be a Death Whistle item mob that you must kill, and then there will be a Cyclone Blue flower that will send you to an area near Voer.

Stage 4[]

» Return to Voer at [-2103, 59, -5427] with [1 Death Whistle Leaf].


  • Lari: You, Voer! Inconsiderate thief!
  • Lari: You've no idea what you even have done, do you? Your thoughtless actions will cost lives!
  • Voer: Uhm... Excuse me? What do you want, elf girl? We're in the middle of a deal here?
  • Lari: You sold Pink Pelulite! Have you forgotten its enraging properties? Or shall I read from that herbology book you "found" in my camp?
  • Voer: Wait, wh-what? A Pink PELULITE!? I sold that woman a Pink PELUTE for her luck charms! How dare- wait... wait, Pink Pelute has rounder petals... Oh no.
  • Lari: You can't even say for certain. This kind of carelessness has no place! If you refuse to exercise the proper thought and caution, then those around you suffer.
  • Lari: I must... make a difficult choice, and leave this job to you. I've other things to tend to, though it pains me to leave a life in another's hands. Remember this, villager!
  • Voer: Aaah, this is a disaster! Human, please, Pink Pelulite acts quickly and intensely... Follow the pink trail on the ground, the flowers shed their petals. Get it back before something bad happens!

Stage 5[]

» Follow the path of residue to the buyer’s cave.

Witch's cave
-2190, -5240
Wynncraft Map
  • Witch: Ah, um, come back later please! Something strange is happening!
  • Witch: My body is a bit, um, not-in-my-control right now! I'd rather not hurt anyone!

Stage 6[]

» Remove the flower from the woman in the cave.

Image Name Level Health AI Type Abilities Elemental Stats Drops Location
100px Confused Witch 55 14000 Melee AI Push
Pink Pelulite
Cave at
-2190 56 -5240
  • She dropped the Pink Pelulite flower! You need to return this to Voer immediately.


  • Voer: You're back, I see... and you're shedding petals! You got the Pink Pelulite back?
  • Voer: And what of the woman who bought it? Was she...?
  • Voer: Oh, thank goodness! You got in there in time. She's a regular of mine- and a bit of a looker, too. That Lari was right, to some extent, at least...
  • Voer: I did take her book, and I should be more careful in the future, regarding this... but I can't just quit selling the herbs.
  • Voer: I need an income, and the swamp isn't exactly the most resource-rich region here! Especially not any more.
  • Voer: And how dare she just walk away like that! It's a good thing you were around, human, otherwise... well, I would not think about it.
  • Voer: Regardless, you helped me greatly. Got me my supplies and saved the life of a regular of mine, so I've got a gift for you!
  • Voer: I'll offer you a sampler of my stock. Everything here is pre-primed to be safe for brewing, so there won't be any mishaps like today!


  • In order to advance with Stage 4, you must follow the actual footpath, DO NOT escape/teleport to the top.


  • This quest got revamped in 1.20. To see the original quest, see Death Whistle (1.19).
  • There is a book of Elven Herbology in Voer's Cart.
Spoiler alert: The hidden text contains spoilers relating to Death Whistle.
Elven Herbology Guide
Death Whistle
- The name comes from a mistranslation of its root words. The proper name is Black Leaf, but the name became too well known in common vernacular to be changed.
- Having intense magicality around it, the flowers imbue everything around them with magic energy, and can cause animation of mundane objects.
Pink Pelulite
- Use with extreme caution. Long exposure to unprepared or undiluted Pelulite symptoms causes irreversible rage and shows early onset symptoms by loss of bodily autonomy.
- Brewed Pelulite causes similar strength-enhancing properties to an adrenaline rush. Can be used medicinally in emergencies, or for combat purposes.
Some handwritten text is scribbled in the margin, with arrows pointing to it. "SHARP, CUP-SHAPED PETALS! CHECK FIRST!!"
Blue Cyclone
- These flowers are notably not native to Gavel, having been transplanted from an unknown region at approximately 817 AP. It is unknown who brought them over, either.
- Broad, majestic leaves cause air magic to gather around them, and they can cause small whirlwinds to defend against predators.
- They only grow in areas with a specific type of soil composition, containing a specific type of clay that their roots can take hold in.
- Tattytale pollen weakens the will of the consumer, causing them to be receptive to questioning. It is known to be extremely addictive if unprocessed.
Pink Pelute
- Characterized by broad, round petals. Brewed or ground petals of Pink Pelute have a calming effect to them, similar to chamomile.
- Often used for a light sleep medication, or for antidepressants. It has seen light use for luck rituals in recent years, more for setting an outlook rather than actual magical effect.
There's another handwritten note next to the passage. "ROUND PETALS! DO NOT MISTAKE FOR PELULITE!!"
- Due to the broad petals and pink coloration, it is often mistaken for Pink Pelute and Pink Pelulite alike. Distinctified by a notable smell of rot.
- It is a potent, but not deadly, poison when brewed, inducing symptoms similar to various sicknesses. Vomiting and migraines are common ailments.
The passage about the distinctive set of the flower is circled, similar to previous written passages.