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The Decay
The Decay of the Forest
Area of Origin Gavel Province
...I am the sorceress of the forest, I have been watching it for millennia. I influenced it, watched it grow… and for the last 1000 years.. Watched it slowly die.
~ Sorceress Tiek, Taproot, Stage 2

The Decay is a major issue similar to the Corruption that plagues the Gavel Province. Introduced approximately 1000 years ago in Gavel's past, the Decay poses one of the biggest threats to Gavel's well being, degrading once pristine lands into dark, twisted, regions full of tortured creatures. One of the best examples of a region twisted by the Decay's power is the Kander Forest in North Central Gavel.


The Decay originated from a rupture spot in Gavel's Dark Forest, which was once a pristine forest similar to the Light Forest. Darkness and shadow came forth from the rupture, quickly spreading and covering most of northern Gavel, encompassing areas such as The Olux Swamp and the Kander Forest, as they are known today.[1]

The Decay was created when the Realm of Light, which shared a direct tie to the Gavel Province, was partially corrupted by Succoru parasites, which were in turn created by the greed that developed in the hearts of Gavel's villager's.


The Decay slowly kill the nature around it. A healthy froest slowly decays, while raising dark creatures until it dies, as can be seen in Kander Forest.

As of yet, Gavel's governments nor Light's messanger Tiek have been unable to produce a method to stop the Decay's spread, though that's not to say it is impossible to do so.


  • Qira, Mistress of the Hive was asked to eliminate the Decay, however, she declined.[2]
  • The massive Caritat Mansion of the Caritat family was said to of been built atop the spot of the Decay's origin. This is almost certainly the reason for the family's descent into madness and eventual extinction (Save for Atisun).[3]
  • Taproot
  • The Qira Hive, Last Stage
  • Memory Paranoia, Stage 26