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Depressing Items are special weapons that play a large part in the Bob's Lost Soul quest, where all of them must be obtained to complete the quest. There are also miscellaneous depressing armour items unrelated to the quest and are collectables.

Depressing Weapons[]

See also: Bob's Lost Soul

Depressing Weapons can be obtained by doing challenges found throughout the Nesaak Forest. They can also be dropped by Ragni Plains and Nesaak Forest mobs.

Icon Item Name Damage Min. Level Challenge to Obtain

Depressing Spear 0-1 1 Lynx Cave at 170, 58, -925

Depressing Stick 0-1 1 Teleporter Puzzle at 20, 68, -901

Depressing Bow 0-1 1 Miniboss at -205, 69, -920

Depressing Shears 0-1 1 Parkour at -35, 70, -655

Depressing Armour[]

Depressing armour is only dropped by the rarest mobs, and is very difficult to obtain. These are often-prized and collectable items that can be sold on the Trade Market for a large sum of emeralds.

Icon Item Name Defense Min. Lv. Dropped By

Depressing Helmet 0 20 Pumpkin Zombie

Mama Zomble's Memory 0 1 Mama Zomble


  • All four depressing weapons are required to complete the Bob's Lost Soul quest.