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Silent Expanse's Secret.png
The Dern Beast (on its throne) speaking to Bak'al.
Dern Beast
Aliases Dark Beast, "It"[1]
Allegiances Darkness (leader)
Relations Orphion (opposite, arch enemy),
Bak'al (servant),
The Parasite (servant),
Unnamed Follower (servant)[2]
Information The beast that embodies Darkness and the Realm of Dern. Conquered the Silent Expanse, now threatens the rest of the physical plane. Has been waging war with Orphion and the Light since the beginning of time.[3] Uses servants to enforce its will across the world, such as Bak'al.
You are blind, my friend. Let me show you what this war has become. As the war of the realms... is endless.
~ Dern Beast, Ne du Valeos du Ellach

The Dern Beast (unofficial name) is an unreleased character and the beast and embodiment of the Darkness, similar to how Orphion is the beast of Light. It is the current one of the main antagonists of the game's storyline, having warped the Silent Expanse into a nightmarish and alien world and employing beings such as Bak'al[4] and the Parasite to carry out its will across the world, which is to "restore the world to the path of purity" by ending the balance between the forces of Light and Dark.[3]

Unlike Orphion, the Dern Beast mostly acts in the shadows and never shows itself to anyone except its servants.[4] It has also never directly interacted with the physical plane. The only people in Wynn who know about the beast's existence, aside from the Olm and its servants, are an organization which also appears to worship it.[5]

At some point in the recent past, the Beast ordered Bak'al to place its eye at the top of the Eldritch Outlook so that its gaze may watch over the entire Wynn Province and subjugate all life in the Expanse, as well as to prevent intruders from trespassing into Dern.[4]


A very long time ago, the Dern Beast broke into the physical realm and created the Dern Portal at the very end of the Silent Expanse, giving it the name The Road to Dern.[6] It then laid siege to the civilization that lived in the area, the Olm, sending fireballs towards their capital.[7] Although the Olm were already prepared for the invasion beforehand, thanks to an oracle who foresaw the Beast attacking, they could not retrieve the bracelet that the oracle created in order to fight the Darkness back.[8] Thus, the Dern Beast was able to defeat the Olm, destroying their city and bringing them into its domain, Dern.[7]

However, the Olm were able to escape thanks to the power of the Crystals in their possession, and fled into the Dernel Jungle. Shortly afterwards, they went insane due to the Crystals' magic, which is known to bend minds and bring people to insanity. They begun believing that the Beast was still watching them and looking for them to kill them off (something which it however likely did).[1] Meanwhile, the Silent Expanse fell under the complete control of the Beast, becoming a land of darkness.

Many years later, in 0 AP, the Dern Beast and Orphion clashed in the plane of influence, beginning the War of the Realms and kindling the Nether Portal of Corruption in Wynn, starting the Corruption War. The Beast sent the Parasite into Gavel to spread darkness in the province, with Orphion sending Lari and Dullahan to track it down in retaliation, although they failed to kill it.[9] Shortly after the beginning of the war, the Dern Beast also recruited Bak'al, a corrupted human who retained some of his intelligence, into its ranks, forcing him to submit to its will.[10][11]

In the last few centuries, the scales of the war tipped in the favour of the Darkness, leading Orphion to confront the Dern Beast directly. However, the Dern Beast launched a surprise attack against Orphion by having the Parasite leech onto him, infecting him and the Realm of Light as a result, and weakening the Light's influence in Gavel.[3]

Around the same time, the Dern Beast, disappointed in Bak'al's failure to conquer the Wynn Province, had him place its eye at the top of the Eldritch Outlook, the tallest building in the known world,[12] so that it may watch over the Wynn Province and enforce its will upon it.[4] The Eye sits at the very peak of this building to this day.


  • In earlier versions of the game, the Dern Beast was believed to be the Ender Dragon.
    • This is because, at that point in the past, Dern itself was inspired by the End.
  • In his Sealed Letters, Bob tells Nilrem that he is "going to seal away a dark creature of the night in a land far away". This may or may not be the Dern Beast.
  • In the Ultimate Discovery of the Light Forest, Ne du Valeos du Ellach, the Dern Beast mentions "a power that [it has] gained", which has made it stronger. What this "power" is, is currently unknown.
  • Interestingly, the Dern Beast itself appears to be way bigger than Orphion, as its arm alone is even bigger than Bak'al.