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Dernel Jungle RegionIcon.png
A screenshot of the Dernel Jungle from the Iboju Village entrance
Coordinates X: -600, Z: -600
Access Points Jungle: -595, -602
Iboju Village: -792, -657
Suggested Level 60
Quest Starts Lost Soles
Troubled Tribesmen
Involved Quests Lost in the Jungle
Grand Youth
WynnExcavation Site D
Type/Biomes Tropical Jungle
Monsters Hostile Mobs (Wynn)

Dernel Jungle is an area introduced in the 1.13 Wynnter Update. It is a larger and far more dangerous addition to the Jungle, and is divided into two sections: The first, accessed from Iboju Village, is for level 60+, and the second, accessed through a cave in the main jungle, is for levels 70+. Unlike the Jungle, Dernel is composed primarily of large tightly packed trees that hide most of the Jungle floor, and not to mention, ruins.

Throughout the region, you can find Suspicious Spots which drop Jungle Shards. They can be used as currency for several merchants in the two jungle tribes.

The ruins of Dernel belonged to an old civilization known as the Olm.

Points of Interest[]


  • Entamis Village - A tribe in the southeast corner of Dernel Jungle. They worship a tree, which has now been infected by a creature known as Aenara.


  • Aseado Cave - The cave where you can get an Aseado Leaf for the Temple of the Legends quest, can be accessed near Shaman Inrekei. It has recently been taken over by a tribe of Jungle Fetishes.
  • Sodeta Manor - An extensive mansion owned by the Sodeta Guild. It houses the quest Lost Soles.
  • Crystalline Temple - Located in the southwest corner of the region, this temple is where the Leaf Crystal that WynnExcavation looks for is located. A basic puzzle must be solved to enter. Through the temple, one can access an ancient city of the Olm.
  • Fountain of Youth - This fountain of mystical healing water is located in the middle of the lakes and is used for the quest Grand Youth. It is said that a similar fountain exists in Gavel.



  • The Cannibal Ambush World Event is triggered by walking near the NPC at -944 72 -589.


Miniquest Name Miniquest Type Min. Level Coordinates Items Required Combat XP Given Profession XP Given
Gather Koi Fishing 61 -623, 22, -531 30 Koi Oil or Koi Meat 13200 18000
Gather Cobalt Mining 61 -896, 24, -679 30 Cobalt Ingots or 30 Colbat Gems 13200 18000
Gather Koi II Fishing 63 -831, 23 -410 36 Koi Oil or 36 Koi Meat 16000 22000
Slay Idols Combat 65 -708, 28, -413 18 Ancient Metal 64800 -


  • The name is not related at all to The Realm of Dern, it is, in fact, an anagram of the name of a previous moderator and Wynncraft Music Composer, Needlr.
    • This is also supported by the fact that the Portal to Dern lies far to the east of the Dernel Jungle, to the south of Rymek.
    • On the other hand, the jungle and Dern do at least have some connections, as the Olm escaped from Dern to the Dernel Jungle.