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Desert Royal Residence SiteIcon.png
Desert Royal Residence
Discovery Lore
When the sceptre was taken from its master, a curse of sandstorms plagued the empire for years. Nearly everything was buried, even the royal palace.
Coordinates X: 1194, Z: -1920
Suggested Level 30
Uses Discovery
Requirements All other Desert Secret Discoveries found.

Desert Royal Residence is a Secret Discovery located in the Central Desert. It is a monument for all those who have discovered all other Desert Secret Discoveries. Shown is the Emperor's son, Hashr, killing the emperor and releasing a curse upon the desert.


1194, -1920
Wynncraft Map
  • Enter the monument after finding all the other discoveries.




Hashr overthrowing the emperor.

[1/11] Emperor: Ah, bright days, my 26th son is here...

[2/11] Emperor: How were your travels beyond the walls, Hashr?

[3/11] Hashr: Life beyond the walls is different, vibrant, but most importantly - magical.

[4/11] Emperor: Not every being is capable of harnessing magic like I am Hashr, you know that.

[5/11] Prince Hashr: You see, I know that's not true. They taught me many things.

[6/11] Emperor: Son? What is it you are trying to say?

[7/11] Prince Hashr: THAT YOUR WORLD IS A LIE.

[8/11] Royal Guard: NO! How could you Hashr? You have doomed us all!

[9/11] Almighty Hashr: My father was mortal like us all. His power came from this sceptre. He is a false God.

[10/11] Almighty Hashr: Now I will be able to rule- Wait, what's happening..?

[11/11] Almighty Hashr: Do you hear that? What did my father do to himself?!

The residence falling into ruin.

The residence buried in sand.