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This page contains spoilers. Readers are discouraged from continuing if they want to discover features by themselves.

Desolate Temples SiteIcon.png
Discovery Lore
These temples stand as the last remaining pieces of a native civilization within the Sky Islands, centered around the worship of an ancient, colossal being.
Coordinates X: 1112, Z: -4811
Suggested Level 90
Uses Discovery
Requirements None

Desolate Temples is a Secret Discovery in the Sky Islands. The discovery focusses on the temples in the Sky Islands and their relation to the Ahms Colossus.


Sky Islands
1112, 122, -4810
Wynncraft Map


  • When you click the statue, it will say the following:
    This statue appears to have a piece stolen from it... maybe the person who took it is still near here?
Sky Islands
1052, 130, -4858
Wynncraft Map
  • Walk to this location to spawn the Deranged Swordsman.
  • Kill the Deranged Swordsman when he turns into a hostile mob; he will drop a Mysterious Sword.


  • Deranged Swordsman: "HEY! Who the hell are you, huh?"
  • Deranged Swordsman: "Oh, I know your type, short-nose.. I bet you wanted to snatch my sword, ain't that right?"
  • Deranged Swordsman: "Well guess what? YOU CAN'T HAVE IT! I'd never let a piece of worthless scum like you STEAL from ME!"
  • Deranged Swordsman: "You won't take my sword... I won't let ANYONE take MY sword away from ME!"
  • Deranged Swordsman: "Oh, what was that, human? YOU WANTED TO FIGHT?!?! I'LL KILL YOU!!"
  • If you try to walk away, the swordsman will say:
  • Deranged Swordsman: "HEY! I'm talking to you, short-nose!"
Image Name Level Health AI Type Abilities Elemental Stats Drops Location
DerangedSwordsman(Mob).png Deranged Swordsman 90 7500 Melee - - Mysterious Sword Sky Islands
Near Temple Statue
Sky Islands
1112, -4859
Wynncraft Map
  • Return to the statue and click on it with the Mysterious Sword. Some particle effects will play, the floor underneath you will break, and you will fall into a small room and trigger the secret discovery.

Old Journal[]

In the small temple room in the Secret Discovery, there are two statues and an old journal.

The pages are incredibly old, but the words are still legible..
-I fear the worst has happened.. Our beautiful, grand Colossus has sank into the void..
It happened a few days ago, after the land fractured beneath our feet..
Why? Why could something like this ever happen? Is this our punishment for not upholding our sacred fidelity to our Colossus?
The words stop there.


  • To get from the statue to the swordsman easily, head to the west and go up the wooden bridge. Then take the right path at the first intersection and the left path at the second intersection.