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Desperate Metal
Quest Info
Length Medium
Location Corkus Shore
Province Corkus
Combat Level 86
Starter NPC Phinas
Reward As follows:

Desperate Metal is a medium level 86 quest that occurs on the Corkus Shore, near Relos.


Mechs have ransacked and destroyed Phinas' house, and he enlists the help of the player to destroy the 3 mechs and find out who was behind them.

Stage 1[]

» Speak to Phinas.

Corkus Shore
-1672, 38, -2083
Wynncraft Map


  • Phinas: Oh my...
  • Phinas: LOOK AT MY HOUSE!
  • Phinas: A bunch of stupid mechs came here and just started ransacking!
  • Phinas: Looks like a bunch of despermechs. That's what we call junk mechs, trying to survive.
  • Phinas: I count three different mech marks. Looks like they split up once they got their parts.
  • Phinas: You got to help me here, I'm no warrior. Look they've dropped crates on their escape. Follow them and bring me back evidence that you destroyed them and I shall reward you.
  • Phinas: Three trails, three thieving despermechs. Be careful, they aren't to be underestimated.

Stage 2[]

» Locate the 3 mechs by following the trails of tools, return to Phinas with evidence that you destroyed the mechs.

Spoiler alert: The hidden text contains spoilers relating to locating the three mechs.
There are three caves the player must venture into. They are:
  • Granite cave (-1797 -2120) - for getting the L-I-G item
  • Diorite cave (-1703 -2109) - for getting the H-T H-O item
  • Water cave (-1668 -2114) - for getting the U-S-E item
Spoiler alert: The hidden text contains spoilers relating to solution to water cave puzzle.
To start off with the water cave, the player must solve riddles. There are two riddles to be found:
  • "Underneath the vessel drowned lies a thousand crowns." This riddle suggests that you go into the sunken ship nearby.
  • "Surrounded by fish and flowers, in the middle of a supporting tower." This riddle suggests that you go to the pillar in the middle of the grotto.

Once found, and all solved, go back to the cave with the first riddle. A door will be opened behind the signs for you to enter. After that, you are greeted with a much more difficult puzzle. The goal is to get the water flowing from the pipe to the receiver. A solution is provided below, although there are other possible solutions.
DesperateMetalPuzzle1.png DesperateMetalPuzzle2.png DesperateMetalPuzzle3.png DesperateMetalPuzzle4.png DesperateMetalPuzzle5.png DesperateMetalPuzzle6.png

In the middle of the large pillar in the water cave, there is a button. Pressing it reveals a path to the original cave, where a passage is now open.

Both the granite and diorite caves are easy to manage. However, the water cave has some riddles and a puzzle.


  • Phinas: You Wynn folk sure know your fights.
  • Phinas: You found all three? Let's take a look. Hm....
  • Phinas: Wait. These aren't Despermechs.. The factory fell over two years ago. These are brand new. Handmade.
  • Phinas: Let's take a closer look.
  • Phinas: Would you look at that! Their code!
  • Phinas: Here, have them back. Take a close look at the names of these parts.

Stage 3[]

» Find out where to go by looking at the pieces of junk.

Spoiler alert: The hidden text contains spoilers relating to where to go.
Order the items as redstone block, glass pane, then fire charge. In that order, they spell L-I-G-H-T-H-O-U-S-E.
Corkus Shore
-1775, 81, -2141
Wynncraft Map


  • Nettik: What are these? I have nothing to do with them!
  • Nettik: Ahh.. Well now that I think of it writing my location on these parts was a bit stupid.
  • Nettik: Those mechs were my creation. Corkus can still live with machines.
  • Nettik: The factory was a disaster. That's what happens when a machine controls a machine.
  • Nettik: I am living proof that humans can control them. Make use of them.
  • Nettik: The metal shortage has made it difficult to make my machines... Not to mention the new laws..
  • Nettik: If you want to turn me in fine. You'll find all the evidence you need under my pillow.

Stage 4[]

» Search Nettik's lighthouse.

Spoiler alert: The hidden text contains spoilers relating to locating the secret lighthouse base.
As suggested, you should look under the pillow in her bedroom. Throw an emerald into the pillow and a passageway will open.


  • ???: Stranger detected... Security systems activated.
  • ???: Prepare for fall in 3
  • ???: 2
  • ???: 1
  • ???: Get ready.
  • Why does she have a secret base under her bed?
  • Nettik: I'm sorry it ended up like this, you should've just ignored that old man.

Stage 5[]

» Find the fourth mech.


  • Big Boss Mech-DM666: I was made to be angry. I can't stop myself...
  • Big Boss Mech-DM666: Prepare for destruc...*vz=Låß¿[øL8ahelp.

Stage 6[]

  • Return to Phinas.


  • Phinas: Did you find the source of those odd handmade mechs?
  • Phinas: Nettik? The Light House owner? It's not overly surprising.
  • Phinas: She always did complain about the mech ban.
  • Phinas: You see, many of the Corkian people rely on their machines. Have done for years.
  • Phinas: So when the factory fell and the new laws were introduced, people's lives changed..
  • Phinas: People don't like change. Anyway, I can't thank you enough. Have this for your troubles.


  • Phinas is an anagram of the Wynncraft Builder and QA Snipah.
  • Nettik is an anagram of the Wynncraft GM Kitten (AscendedKitten).
  • On Stage 5 the text which is obscured reads "I-LOVE-CATS".