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Detlas Ballroom SiteIcon.png
Aerial image of the Detlas Ballroom
Access Points Southwest corner of Detlas

X: 424, Z: -1560

Suggested Level 33
Involved Quests Meaningful Holiday
Uses Quest

The Detlas Ballroom is a major location utilised in the Meaningful Holiday quest, in which grand feasts are held in Detlas. It is only accessible by the player during the quest.

The room incorporates an overhanging balcony and entrance, which leads to a large main floor decorated with festive colours. A separate kitchen room is also located towards the opposite side of the entrance. The ballroom contains a variety of non-aggressive NPCs, including the feast's staff and guests from various Wynn towns, along with Wybel pets.


  • At the entrance to the ballroom, there is a Ticket Merchant that exchanges 1 Invitation Letter for 1 Ball Ticket. It is not needed to enter the ball during the quest; rather, it's there to signify the fact that the player was not invited to the ball.