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NPC Info
X: -256 Z: -4983
Location Letvus Airbase
Quest Involved Acquiring Credentials

Doan is the starting NPC for the quest Acquiring Credentials. Doan is a frequent airship traveler, who is seeking to visit the Wynn Province again. His passport was stolen, so he enlists the player's help to get them both passports, legally or illegally.


Letvus Airbase
-256, 57, -4983
Wynncraft Map

Doan is located at the Customs and Management office, right by the entrance to Letvus Airbase from the Guild Hall.

Festival of the Blizzard[]

This dialogue pertains to content from the Festival of the Blizzard.

Doan (Festival of the Blizzard)
NPC Info
X: 418 Z: -1527
Location Detlas

In Letvus Airbase[]

Letvus Airbase
-212, 105, -4940
Wynncraft Map
  • Upon being talked to after talking with The Traveler:
    • Doan: Oh, hey! Good to see you again, I was just on my way to the confectionary shop in the airbase here... I have a bit of a sweet tooth, really.
    • Doan: ...Did you need something?
  • Further conversation with Doan:
    • [1] "There's a festival in Detlas right now.":
      • Doan: Oh, excellent! I'll head right over on the next airship.
      • Doan: ...Which leaves in 15 minutes! I'd better hurry up and get a ticket, then.
      • Doan: Say, do you think you could get me [1 Letvus Delight] from the confectionary shop, for the road? I'll pay you back, promise.
    • [2] "Still have your passport?":
      • Doan: Oh, yeah. After that whole fiasco last time, I actually put my passport on a string! Now I wear it around my neck. No misplacing it that way, right?
      • Doan: I don't want to ever have to resort to the black market again.
    • [3] "Not really.":
      • Doan: Oh. Well, see you around, I guess!
  • Giving Doan 1 Letvus Delight:
    • Doan: Thank you so much! I'll see you in Detlas, thanks for telling me about the festival and all.

In Detlas[]

418, 67, -1527
Wynncraft Map
  • Talking to Doan in Detlas:
    • Doan: There you are! Looks like I beat you here... Airship travel really is a marvel, isn't it?
    • Doan: But anyway, I've been loving the festivities so far, and the local sweets are pretty good too.
    • Doan: I told the barman here I'd help him with some final decorations, so I'd best get to it.
  • Further conversation with Doan:
    • Doan: Oh, hey! Anything I can do for you?
    • [1] "Do you travel by airship often?":
      • Doan: Oh yes, all the time. Airships are just so much more of an experience than teleporting or travelling by boat.
      • Doan: You can see so much from the air! And it's pretty fun watching the people on the ground scurry around, no bigger than ants!
      • Doan: I've lost count of how many flights I've been on - I have a rather large amount of frequent flyer miles saved up.
      • Doan: I should probably spend those soon actually... I've always dreamed of being a pilot, and pretty soon I'll be able to afford a small airship of my own.
    • [2] "Tell me about yourself.":
      • Doan: Oh, sure, sure. Uh, let's see. I've lived in Cinfras all my life, though my job lets me travel pretty often.
      • Doan: I work as a mediator and translator, helping people all over settle disputes and misunderstandings.
      • Doan: It's very rewarding work, and pays pretty well, too.
    • [3] "Have you ever visited Wynn before?":
      • Doan: Oh yes, several times. Your province might not have the stunning vistas of Gavel, but the people here...
      • Doan: They're all so honest and resilient, yourself included. It's pretty refreshing being able to have a conversation that isn't about money or commerce, too.
      • Doan: I've been to most of the province... Ragni, Nesaak, even Rymek. I haven't been to the jungle yet, but it's on my list.
      • Doan: I can't wait to see Troms, specifically - it's your grandest city, or so I've heard.
    • [4] "Just wanted to say hello.":
      • Doan: Oh, well. Hi, then.
  • Gift-Giving Dialogue:
    • Doan: Hey, there you are. I'm sorry, I completely forgot - I was supposed to pay you back for the Letvus Delight, right?
    • Doan: Here you go! Have some of these Chocolate Coins, too. I can't get enough of them - sweet tooth, remember?
    • Doan: They make them right here at the tavern, I just bought their entire stock.
    • Doan: I never would have discovered these if you hadn't invited me to the festivities, thanks again!
    • [+4 Emerald BLocks]
    • [+32 Chocolate Coins]
    • Doan: Anyway, uh... Did you need anything?


  • Doan's occupation was based on that of the character Riva from Star Trek: The Next Generation.