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Doguns are rock-based species native to the Lower Molten Heights. However, they had to flee to Upper Molten Heights during the Dwarven-Dogun war, where the Dwarves made made Doguns go nearly extinct. Their bodies are composed of liquid lava. They are pictured as slow but powerful, being able to clear out large spaces within the earth in minutes.

Known Doguns[]


Since Doguns are affiliated with the Earth and Fire elements, they are slow but strong, able to wield powerful earth and fire magic, such as digging underground spaces or launching fire bombs.

Known Settlements[]

  • Courag: Former dogun capital, ruined during Dogun-Dwarven war. Now used as a Dwarven festival site.
  • Dogun's Retreat: The last settlement of what remained from the Dogun population, located in Upper Molten Heights.
  • Old Dogun City: Another ruined Dogun city, now known as Freezing Heights after being frozen by an ice drake.

Ingame mobs[]

Name Level Information Image
Dogun 90 10000 ♥

Only spawns in the settlements on the surface

Fallen Dogun 89 8000 ♥

Spawns only one near Maex entrance

Crumbling Dogun 90 8000 ♥

Spawns all over the Old Dogun City

Dogun Brute 91 6850 ♥

Spawns all over the Old Dogun City and is the fastest of all the others

Dogun Brute.png
Crumbling Shaman 92 25500 ♥

Only spawns near the library in the Old Dogun City. Has burst range attacks and uses healing spells.

Obsidian Guard 95 28000 ♥

Spawns in the Old Dogun City and has the highest health and damage of all the others

Obsidian Guard.png


  • Doguns can be immobilised by pouring water on them, turning them into stone while keeping them alive. Dwarves use this to imprison then.