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Type Species
Location Molten Heights, in the Gavel Province
Information The dominant species in the Molten Heights for thousands of years before the Dwarves came in 100 AP. Can live for thousands of years and are made primarily out of molten rock. Have nearly gone extinct due to the 200-year-long Dogun War.

Doguns are a rock-based species native to the Lower Molten Heights. Their physical forms are made out of stone from the Canyon Colossus, and they are given life by Garaheth's eternal flame. Thus, they worship both as their creator deities, of Earth and Fire respectively. This is also the reason why they call themselves "beings of Fire and Earth".[1]

They are among the most ancient species in Gavel, as their oldest individuals have lived for well over 5000 years.[2] They are very innately magical, with their inner magicality only being beaten out by the Elves,[3] and used this magic to carve out the Lower Molten Heights from a puny cave system into the enormous open space it is today.[4]

The Doguns are very community-oriented: they considered themselves as "one" and tended after eachother well into their old age. They built spacious houses out of their magic, without caring much about architectural style, as they didn't wish to impress anyone. They believed that every Dogun is equal, no one individual being more powerful or more important than another.[5]

The Great City of Courag was built by the Doguns as their capital and greatest achievement. However, when the Dwarves moved into the Molten Heights in 100 AP and attacked the Doguns to conquer all of the Heights' living space, the Doguns were genocided and Courag was abandoned. The Dwarves also killed Garaheth, a fire demon which the Doguns praised many millennia ago, and banished him away into his own land.[6][7] The last few remaining Doguns were forced to move to the Upper Molten Heights, an environment which they find uncomfortable due to the different environment conditions, and founded the Dogun's Retreat,[8] where they live to this day.


The Doguns have inhabited the Lower Molten Heights for at least 5000 years,[2] and they were the ones responsible for moulding the Molten Heights with their magic, from a small cave system into a large underground open space.[4] They coexisted with the Dragons, also native to the Molten Heights,[9] and founded several settlements around the Heights, the most prominent being their capital of Courag.[7]

The Doguns revered a terrible fire demon known as Garaheth, who gave them life and to whom they built an entire Colosseum-like sanctuary in the Upper Molten Heights.[10] They also worshipped, though to a lesser extent, the Canyon Colossus, and used their magic to calm the behemoth whenever it went haywire as a way to repay their debts to it.[1][11] They had a strong sense of friendship and community, creating a developed society based on helping one another and treating their entire race as "one", also rejecting architectural aesthetic since they "didn't want to impress anyone".[5] Indeed, many of the buildings in Courag were simple stone houses with Dogun runes etched into the front in lava.

However, 900 years ago, the Dwarves came into the Molten Heights from the Canyon of the Lost, seemingly escaping the Villagers, and found precious ores within the caves and began to mine them. However, they soon started to compete with the Doguns for living space. The Dwarves wanted to start a war against the natives but, knowing that riots would start in Thanos and other Dwarven colonies if they were seen as the aggressors, they started to spread propaganda about the Doguns, comparing them to demons.[12]

The Freezing Heights, where an old Dogun city used to be. Now a symbol of the Dogun genocide.

Then, the Dwarves started the Dogun War against the Doguns. The Dragons seemingly sided with the natives, but the Dwarves started chaining them and forcing them to do their bidding:[9] in one case, the Dwarves were able to capture an Ice Drake and forced it to freeze an entire Dogun town, killing its entire population and creating the Freezing Heights.[10] All other Dragons were massacred and their carcasses lined the Molten Heights, with only one surviving.[9] The practice known as entombing also took off around the beginning of the war, in which buckets of water were poured on Doguns, turning them into solid rock: alive, but in constant agony.[12]

Finally, in 300 AP, two centuries into the war, the Dwarves attacked Courag itself. The Doguns fiercely opposed the Dwarven forces, however, when word got to the battlefield that Garaheth had been slain by the Dwarven forces, the Doguns immediately surrendered, seeing the situation as hopeless. Even then, the Dwarves showed no mercy, and entombed all of the surrendering natives, turning them into decorative statues that are still around Courag to this day.[7] The Dwarves, victorious, founded the citadel of Rodoroc which now stands as the capital of the Molten Heights.

The few Doguns who were still alive moved to the Upper Molten Heights, where they founded the Doguns' Retreat, away from the eyes of the Dwarves. They are led by the Dogun Chieftain, although the unfamiliar environment can be harsh to them.[8] Lately, however, the Prince of Rodoroc, Axelus, has formed a secret alliance with the Doguns: the Dogun Coalition, which wants the Doguns to have the right to live and not be treated as "demons" anymore. The Dogun Coalition has expanded over the years, including many Dwarves and Doguns alike from all walks of life. They often meet in Maex and in a secret Dogun hideout.[12]

Notable Doguns[]

  • Korzim: The son of the Dogun Chieftain and co-leader of the Dogun Coalition alongside Axelus, with whom he is friends with. He joined the Dogun Coalition to bring peace between the Dwarves and the Doguns.
  • Dogun Chieftain: Current leader of the Dogun population in the Upper Heights, father of Korzim, and most likely the oldest-living Dogun still alive today. Likely lived in the Old Dogun City alongside Korzim when it was frozen by the Ice Drake. He planned to use a Dragon's Bone donated to him by Axelus to summon Garaheth from his realm, and destroy the Dwarven civilization as payback for the Dogun War.[6]
  • Plario: Resident of the Dogun's Retreat and advisor to the Dogun Chieftain. He gives the player the Dogun Badge of Trust at the end of Dwarves and Doguns Part I.

Known Dogun settlements[]


Courag was once the Dogun capital, referred to them as the "Great City". It was also where most of their civilization and cultural records were located.[5] Today, it's decorated with the statues of entombed Doguns and is also the site where the Dogun Festival takes place every year, a gruesome festival where a Dwarf entombs a live Dogun who's escaped the war, all for an audience to see.[12]

Dogun's Retreat[]

Dogun's Retreat is the only Dogun settlement in the entire Molten Heights, located in the upper part of it. Founded by the few Doguns who have survived the Dogun War, where they live in secrecy from the Dwarves.[8] The settlement is led by the Dogun Chieftain. The houses are entirely made out of stone, most likely to blend the town in with the surrounding environment to hide it better. The only merchant in this town is a Potion Merchant, and the town does not count as a respawn point.

Old Dogun City[]

Another Dogun city is located in the Freezing Heights, frozen by an Ice Drake 900 years ago at the beginning of the war. The Dwarves forced the drake to attack the town and the Doguns had to kill it in retailation. Korzim (and most likely the Dogun Chieftain as well) lived in this town and witnessed its destruction. Deep within the ruined city's caves there's True Ice, which is coalesced Ice Drake breath from all those centuries ago.