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|level = 19
|level = 19
|health = 119
|health = 119
|dam = ?
|dam = 9-17
|damage = water
|damage = water
|defense = air
|defense = air

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Drowning Fish
Type Hostile Mob
Level 19
Health 119
AI Type Melee AI
Elemental Properties
Weakness Earth
Damage Water
Defense Air

Drowning Fish are a Hostile Mob found in Ancient Nemract.


Drowning Fish are a Melee enemy, meaning they will follow the play until close enough to attack.

Drowning Fish take extra damage from Earth attacks and less damage from Air attacks. They deal Water damage.

They do not have any abilities.


Drowning Fish have no specific drops.

They may drop Normal Items, Unidentified Items, Emeralds, Powders, and Potions of Healing.


Drowning Fish are found in a Cave in Ancient Nemract.

Nemract River Cave
Location: 308, -1851
Recommended Min. Level: 22
Mobs Turtle • Drowning Fish • Mudslinger • Biting Bug
Info Passes under the Nemract River. The entrance is near Ancient Nemract