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NPC Info
Location Dullahan's Castle
Quest Involved Realm of Light III - A Headless History

Dullahan is an elf from Gavel who has lived for several hundreds of years. His story is told in the quest A Headless History.


Dullahan was an elf from Aldorei, while exploring the much brighter and more vibrant terrain of what is now the Dark Forest, he saw Lari fighting the Parasite, and decided to help her by saving her life. In 200 AP, Dullahan and Lari had a small argument about using Dullahan's tactics to kill the Parasite instead of Lari's method of subduing it. Lari eventually agreed to Dullahan's idea, and then, they prepared for the next time the Parasite would emerge. In 800 AP, the Parasite would emerge. However, it was storing power as it hibernated underground, and Dullahan pressured Lari to kill it instead of weakening it. After a fierce battle, Lari, sticking to her morals yet again spared the creature. The Parasite kept on fighting with its dark powers, and then, the Parasite began to approach Lari, but Dullahan put himself in front of Lari to get bit instead. The darkness the Parasite gave to Dullahan made him paranoid, and caused his magic powers to fade and his face to morph into a twisted one. The citizens of Gelibord saw Dullahan's face, and thought he was the reason of the Decay, so they ordered Gelibord's best mages to put Dullahan to sleep, and then took him to a guillotine. Dullahan was beheaded, and Lari, horrified at the sight of the beheaded Dullahan, attempted to give life to him again through the Lazarus Pit. The healing waters worked on Dullahan, but because he died before, his light had faded, and left him hellbent on revenge of the people of Gelibord. In his revival, some of Lari's power was infused into him, albeit sinister and dark. Dullahan also begun to hate Lari, mainly due to the fact that Lari did not kill the Parasite, only subdued it. He would then go on to take the mansion of a Noble from them, as much as the Noble begged for mercy, Dullahan simply replied that some things cannot be fixed with words, and killed the Noble shortly after. Lari, later finding out the truth, sealed Dullahan in his bedroom until he stopped, but Dullahan's spirit still roams the Dark Forest, looking for more souls to harvest to break the spell.


  • Dullahan's name is based off of the character of the same name in Irish Folklore.
    • Dullahan being beheaded is also a reference to Irish Folklore.
  • Before Version 1.20, in the old lore Dullahan was a cruel person who exploited the people of the forest who was killed with a guillotine, and later revived by the Decay, taking revenge on his servants. He lived in a mansion, and would occasionally during the night bring people down to his dungeon to be tortured and killed.