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Indicates a Dungeon

Dungeons are areas that are leveled playing zones with separate stages. Dungeons varying in difficulty can be found around the Wynncraft map. Dungeons combine 3 elements: Parkour, battle and puzzle to challenge players. At the end of each dungeon, there is a boss that when killed will complete the dungeon and reward the player. The reward for completing a dungeon differs per each dungeon, but each will give you armor, weapons, experience, and emeralds which will be scattered in piles around the entrance of the dungeon. Dungeons are meant to be achievements for appropriate level players.


Keys which can be obtained by killing specific Key Guardians are needed to enter the dungeons or using dungeon bombs

Dungeon Level Requirements

Corrupted Dungeons can be accessed 5 levels below their suggested level. For example, Corrupted Undergrowth Ruins can be challenged starting at level 89.

List of Dungeons

Icon Name Level Battle/Puzzle/Parkour Location Associated Quest
Decrepit Sewers 9 -919 -1883 Sewers of Ragni
Infested Pit 18 -171 -1820 Arachnids' Ascent
Lost Sanctuary 24 -262 -1045 Studying the Corrupt
Underworld Crypt 27 227 -1950 The Dark Descent
Sand-Swept Tomb 36 1409 -1830 Kingdom of Sand
Ice Barrows 45 117 -667 Fate of the Fallen
Undergrowth Ruins 54 -660 -835 Corrupted Betrayal
Galleon's Graveyard 63 -583 -3468 Redbeard's Booty
Corrupted Decrepit Sewers 70 -860 -4900 None
Corrupted Infested Pit 74 -860 -4900 None
Corrupted Lost Sanctuary 78 -860 -4900 None
Corrupted Underworld Crypt 82 -860 -4900 None
Corrupted Sand-Swept Tomb 86 -860 -4900 None
Fallen Factory 90 Unknown -1675 -2600 The Envoy Part II
Corrupted Ice Barrows 90 -860 -4900 None
Corrupted Undergrowth Ruins 94 -860 -4900 None
Eldritch Outlook 101 Unknown -1310 -777 A Journey Further

Removed Dungeons

Removed Content
The following page contains information about content that no longer exists in Wynncraft as of update 1.14.1 and has been archived for historical purposes.

These were the dungeons up until 1.14.1 'The Gameplay Update', where they were all completely reworked and were given new names.

Main Dungeons

Skeleton Dungeon
Spider Dungeon
Animal Dungeon
Zombie Dungeon
Silverfish Dungeon
Skeleton Dungeon Spider Dungeon Animal Dungeon Zombie Dungeon Silverfish Dungeon
Level 9 Level 18 Level 24 Level 27 Level 36
Battle: 35% Battle: 65% Battle: 20% Battle: 60% Battle: 50%
Puzzle: 15% Puzzle: 10% Puzzle: 50% Puzzle: 15% Puzzle: 30%
Parkour: 50% Parkour: 25% Parkour: 30% Parkour: 25% Parkour: 20%


As of the 1.13 Wynnter Update, minidungeons were added to the game. In the Wynn Province, these are marked by a unique statue above the entrance, and give a smaller reward than regular dungeons. There are currently three minidungeons around Wynn, and they each have a boss and give an XP and emerald reward, similar to main dungeons. They each give one area specific Junk Item too. The Ice Minidungeon is found in the southeast corner of Nesaak forest, the Ocean Minidungeon is found in the ocean just south of the volcano islands, and the Jungle Minidungeon is found in the jungle, on the road to Troms. This dungeons do not exist anymore under the name "MiniDungeons" but have been changed to full dungeons of the Dungeons and discovery update 1.17

Ice Mini-Dungeon
Ocean Mini-Dungeon
Jungle Mini-Dungeon
Ice Mini-Dungeon Ocean Mini-Dungeon Jungle Mini-Dungeon
Level 40 Level 50 Level 60
Battle: 60% Battle: 60% Battle: 60%
Puzzle: 20% Puzzle: 20% Puzzle: 20%
Parkour: 20% Parkour: 20% Parkour: 20%

As of the 1.14 Gavel Expansion, there are four element-based dungeons around the Canyon of the Lost in Gavel. There is a mini-dungeon for each element except for thunder, as there is no Thunder Mini-Dungeon. These dungeons were later replaced with 'The Mortal Mountain' dungeon.

Earth Mini-Dungeon
Water Mini-Dungeon
Fire Mini-Dungeon
Air Mini-Dungeon
Earth Mini-Dungeon Water Mini-Dungeon Fire Mini-Dungeon Air Mini-Dungeon
Level 85 Level 85 Level 85 Level 85
Battle: 50% Battle: 40% Battle: 75% Battle: 50%
Puzzle: 25% Puzzle: 40% Puzzle: 0% Puzzle: 0%
Parkour: 25% Parkour: 20% Parkour: 25% Parkour: 50%


1.14.1 The Gameplay Update

  • Dungeon Scroll Merchants added
  • Dungeon scrolls are bought with dungeon fragments, and do not need a Soul Point to use
  • All dungeons renamed and reworked
  • Mini-Dungeons do not exist anymore; they are now full dungeons
  • Each dungeon now has a certain theme and a special gimmick
  • Dungeons bosses now have a strategy to defeat them
  • Key Guardians now spawn close to dungeons for obtaining keys, and the old method of obtaining them has been removed
  • Dungeons give a lot more XP, and give special tokens for obtaining items from the Dungeon Shops
    • There are two types of tokens: A boss token, and a dungeon fragment
  • Added Corrupted Dungeons, which are modified versions of existing dungeons, only harder
    • Corrupted Decrepit Sewers, Corrupted Infested Pit and Corrupted Lost Sanctuary were added
    • Keys are obtained from mixing two items at The Forgery in Gavel

1.16 The Corkus Update

  • Fallen Factory was added
  • Corrupted Underworld Crypt and Corrupted Sand-Swept Tomb were added

1.18 The Economy Update

  • Corrupted Ice Barrows dungeon was added
  • Sand-Swept Tomb and its Corrupted version were reworked
  • Token Hoppers were replaced with Token Collectors

1.19 The Silent Expanse Update

  • Undergrowth ruins and its corrupted version were reworked
  • Corrupted Undergrowth Ruins was added
  • Eldritch Outlook was added

1.20 Gavel Reborn

  • The Forgery reworked
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