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Durum Isles IslandIcon.png
A screenshot of the largest island
Discovery Lore
Despite the odd formation of land, every inch is covered in farmland, and acts as a proverbial breadbasket for the ocean capital of Selchar.
Coordinates X: 460, Z: -2880
Suggested Level 20
Island Size Medium
Docks North: 435, -2945
Uses Farming Profession, Boss Altar

Durum Isles is a group of four islands located south-east of Selchar connected by wooden bridges, with two stables built on the middle island. No mobs spawn on the islands, and one Loot Chest is located in one of the stables. As of the Economy Update, Durum Isles is one of the best locations for low-level Farming, since it includes clusters of nodes for Wheat (level 1), Barley (level 10), Oats (level 20), and Malt (level 30). Like most of the Wynn Province, the Durum Isles were revamped during the 1.12 Mob update.



Points of interest[]


  • Bovine Barn - A Boss Altar located within the barn on the largest island. It is the lowest level Boss Altar in the game, though at the recommended level (8) it can be a very difficult challenge. The altar can be activated with 8 Leather, which can be got by killing the cows on the island.
  • Two buildings are located on the middle island, a stable and a normal house, along with a tent and a pair of merchant carts.



  • The island's name, Durum, probably comes from Durum wheat, a wheat with major commercial importance. This may be a reference to the fact that the isles have Carrots, Potatoes and Wheat growing on them and therefore participate in agriculture.
  • The island has plenty of Barley, Malt and Oat fields, which makes it a good place to level up the Farming Profession.