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Durum Protector
Species Humanoid Cow
Level 25
Health 3700
AI Type Unknown AI
Elemental Properties
Damage 64-96
Location Bovine Barn

The boss of the Bovine Barn is the level 25 Durum Protector, an intelligent cow guardian that wishes to protect the Durum Isles. It wields a gold axe and attacks with melee by charging in a straight line, but moves extremely fast, making its attacks difficult to avoid; it is recommended to use strong Air equipment while fighting it, or to use spells to avoid it like Archer's Escape or Mage's Ice Snake. The Protector can also cast spells, including Heavy Charge and Push, allowing it both to keep the player at a distance and to cover ground quickly.

The Durum Protector has a total of 2700 health. It both deals Earth damage and has Earth defense, but is weak to Air attacks. Once killed it drops Emeralds as well as a multitude of items, and cannot be fought again without re-acquiring the Leather requirement.


The only enemies in the arena besides the Durum Protector are four level 20 Guardian Scarecrows. They stand towards the four corners of the cavern but do not move, instead attacking from a distance by throwing wheat, and each has a total of 375 health. Each wheat thrown deals 40 damage. They are also slightly weak to Fire attacks.

The Protector is the main threat of the fight, and the Scarecrows do not pose much of a threat to adequately-prepared players. However, their constant ranged attacks can become a dangerous nuisance for lower-levelled players, and they can also cast the Heavy Heal spell to heal each other and the Durum Protector.


Image Name Level Health Attack Type Abilities Elemental Stats
GuardianScarecrow.png Guardian Scarecrow 20 375 Ranged Heal Fire: Weakness


  • Most players will find the Durum Protector more dangerous than the Scarecrows during the fight. After the boss has been killed, the Scarecrows become much easier to get rid of.
  • The Protector runs faster than the player, so while fighting it one should keep moving and try to slow it down using spells, or bring high Walk Speed/Agility equipment. Air equipment can also be used to deal additional damage to the boss.