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Dwarves and Doguns Part I
Quest Info
Length Long
Location Rodoroc
Province Gavel
Combat Level 91
Starter NPC Lozeg
Reward As follows:

Dwarves and Doguns Part I is a long quest taking place in the Molten Heights area. It is the first quest in the Molten Heights storyline.


A dwarven play is currently being performed in Rodoroc. It tells the story of the Dwarven and Dogun war, but not all onlookers agree with the interpretation.

Stage 1[]

» Find out what's happening at the theatre.

Rodoroc Theater
1024, 17, -5143
Wynncraft Map


  • Lozeg: Interesting to see a Human wanting to see a Dwarven play!
  • Lozeg: The only play we're performing is the annual Victory Festival.
  • Lozeg: The entry cost is [1 Emerald Block]

Stage 2[]

» Watch the play.


  • Lozeg: Just take a seat and enjoy the show.

If you have done From the Mountains:

  • Axelus: Wait, is that- Hey, <playername>! It's so good to see you!


  • Narrator: Hello, to the people of Gavel, glad to see so many here!
  • Narrator: I hope you'll enjoy the play and that it'll be very educational too. I will be tonight's narrator.
  • Babbi: Pheeeew. I think we outran the villagers.
  • Dwarfi: I think we are safe here in the mountains. Oh look. Shiny ores. This is like a gold mine.
  • Dwarfi: These nice minerals are very nice, let us start digging.
  • Babbi: What is that?! A DEMON.
  • Demon: I am a dangerous monster and I will not let you mine these diamonds. We are the Doguns, and we will kill you!!
  • Demon: Graoaoro. I will eat you all for my afternoon demon luncheon.
  • Arock: We must protect ourselves!
  • Arock: Ahhhh. I am dying...dying!
  • Babbi: We need to forge better weapons so we can fight back.
  • Gagly: Good idea! We will use our intelligence to slay the demons.
  • Gagly: Dragons are no match for us?? CHARGE!
  • Gagly: We have won. Hooray. And now we have established a great citadel, Rodoroc!
  • Gagly: The dwarven intellect beat the sheer power of the demons magic.
  • Narrator: Thank you all for watching!
  • Narrator: I hope you enjoyed the show, and learned something new today!
  • Narrator: We are continuing the celebration at the old Demon City. Follow the red banners outside Rodoroc to get there.
  • Narrator: Meet you all there.
  • Axelus: Ugh, that was awful. Don't believe anything you see here, human. History is written by the victors.
  • (If you have done From the Mountains) Axelus: Ugh, that was horrible.. Like I said before, this war was a genocide. Don't believe any of the lies they try and feed you.

Stage 3[]

» Make your way to the Dogun Festival by following the red banners outside Rodoroc.

The Dogun Festival
1522, 78, -5055
Wynncraft Map


  • Marock: Welcome one and all! Dwarven brothers and sisters, guests and visitors!
  • Marock: If I could draw your attention to the wooden stage in the north, we can begin.
  • Marock: Welcome to the annual festival where we celebrate victory over the foul demons...The Doguns!
  • Marock: Now, if I can get you to turn around to face the bonfire, we've prepared a lovely firecasting show for you all while we prepare!


  • Mahou: Wow, I didn't know Dwarves could learn such magic! Beats the heck out of firecrackers!


  • Marock: Magnificent! Thank you very much to our fire casters. Now, ladies and gents, your attention to the main stage please!
  • Marock: For the last 900 years we have captured renegade Doguns that escaped the war, and this year is no exception!
  • Marock: We shall now entomb the foul demon to join the ranks of the other Doguns on display.
  • Marock: Bring it out, guards!


  • Marock: Note its magical might, its aggressive nature, its intense heat, and its fierce appearance.
  • Marock: All no match for the ingenuity and comeradery of the Dwarven nations!


  • Dogun: M-Monsters... You all...are the demons here...


  • Axelus: Every year, every year, every single YEAR you do this. You all need to open your god-blessed eyes for once!
  • Axelus: Do you all really believe everything they tell you? Do you all just lap it up like dogs?!
  • Axelus: Our side won the war, but does that really mean we were in the right? I'll tell you right now, it doesn't!
  • Axelus: We all see it- The Doguns have feelings, family and thoughts, just like anyone else here!
  • Axelus: You are encasing live Doguns for entertainment. Public execution! This twisted display is more demonic than they ever could dream to be!
  • Marock: Guards! Get this propaganda spewing half pint to the Molten Core Prison, north side.


  • Dwarven Guard: Come along, sir. Let's not make more of a scene.

Looks like Axelus dropped a note...? Doesn't seem like anyone else noticed.
The note reads: "If you want to know the truth, find me and talk to me..."


  • Crowd: Why would Axelus say something so blatantly wrong?
  • Crowd: What was he talking about? That was all nonsense!
  • Crowd: Are they really taking him to the Molten Core? You've heard the horror stories about there, right?
  • Crowd: Well, the expression 'no hope blows from the north' came from there, since it's on the north side...
  • Marock: Apologies, all. I shall provide us all with a quick way back to Rodoroc on the floor here. We hope you enjoyed the show, despite the interruption!

Seems like Axelus had more to say. Since no one else picked up the note, you may as well seek him out.

Stage 4[]

» Find out more about the hysterical dwarf in Rodoroc's prison.

Rodoroc's prison
1109, 26, -5230
Wynncraft Map


  • Axelus: I see I got your attention. Interested in the truth.
  • Axelus: I'm no conspiracy nut. The Dwarves have been lied to for hundreds of years about the war.
  • Axelus: I have seen the truth. But my word isn't enough, is it? Seeing is believing, after all.
  • Axelus: Hopefully I will see you soon, <playername>.

It seems like Axelus slipped another note into your pocket.
The note reads: "The truth lies at the Library of Flames. The caves south of the bank..."

Stage 5[]

» Pick up Axelus' note and head to the location at [1024, 13, -5050].

Spoiler alert: The hidden text contains spoilers relating to How to get inside the Library.
The cannon is to the South East of the cave. There is a staircase going up to the cannon. Get on the top of the cannon and click the button on the left golden block once. This will turn the cannon and upon pressing the button on the emerald block, will shoot a cannonball into the library door opening it.

Stage 6[]

» Explore the Library of Flames.

Library of Flames
1024, 13, -5050
Wynncraft Map


  • The Library of Flames
  • Defeat the four heroes to find the truth.
  • You get the feeling that there's something hidden in this gravechamber...


  • Ye trespassers beware...


  • It's an extremely old book. The pages are torn, yellowed, and dusty.
  • The cover crumbles a touch at your grip when you open it up. How old is this?
  • "Top Secret”? The words are faded and hard to make out.
  • "Operation shadow"
  • It seems to be a report written at the start of the Dogun war.
  • "The natives occupy 90% of the habitable land in the heights.."
  • Several pages are dedicated to the Doguns personalities, traits and powers.
  • ".. Magical powerhouses of the fire element.."
  • ".. Live well into their thousands.."
  • "Near Dwarven intelligence.."
  • The report suggests that the two species would compete for space.
  • "Clearance is needed if Dwarves are going to form a colony.."
  • According to the report, the land was once rich with minerals and materials.
  • "Public opinion is firmly against removal of the natives.."
  • This page appears to have been ripped out and crudely reattached.
  • "Any war could result in rioting in Thanos and other established colonies."
  • "A program of public profiling of the natives is recommended.."
  • There are detailed instructions on producing propaganda against the Doguns.
  • ".. recommend they are referred to as demons, as inherent fear will take hold.."
  • The report details propaganda at all levels of society, particularly at educational centers.
  • Several rumours are suggested to be propagated amongst the population.
  • "Once public opinion is sufficiently hostile, establishment of colonies will be achievable.."
  • The report goes on to detail the total dominance of Molten Heights and the importance of propaganda continuation.

Stage 7[]

» Exit the library.

  • Axelus: Well, now you have read what I read. The truth...or the lie.
  • (If From the Mountains is completed) Axelus: Now do you see? Everything that I told you about when we rescued those flerisi was indeed true.
  • Axelus: My people are tyrants and conquerors...but they are also good. The people have been brainwashed.
  • Axelus: Many things are about to happen. If you want to know more, come to house number 81 in Maex. I'll be waiting.

Stage 8[]

» Search for house 81 in Maex like Axelus said.

Spoiler alert: The hidden text contains spoilers relating to how to find the coalition hideout.
House 81 is in the utmost northeast of Maex. You may find that the house is empty and that the neighboring house, number 80, is locked. The floor of house 81 is dotted with red carpets. Follow them, and they will lead you out to the edge of the house and over the parkour to a small entryway into house 80. From there on out just keep following the red carpets.

Stage 9[]

» Talk to Axelus in the Coalition Base.


  • Axelus: Ah, you made it. Come and meet Korzim
  • Korzim: Welcome.. Human. I... am Korzim.
  • Korzim: We...are those who...want peace. I am son...of the Dogun Chief... I have...been banished.
  • Axelus: The coalition is a small group of believers in the truth. The Doguns aren't demons, and the Dwarves aren't all brainwashed.
  • Axelus: But of course, we have to live in hiding. The Doguns won’t tolerate Dwarves and the Dwarves hunt traitors and "Demons".
  • Barden: Right now, we're trying to convince the public. But it's proving difficult, if not impossible.
  • Barden: It isn't 900 years ago. We have the technology and supply chains to live here peacefully, but they just won't listen!
  • Korzim: We have...a plan... To win over...my people...that is.
  • Axelus: Korzim has told us that dragon bone is sacred to his people. We had to make some connections, but we have a way to get it now.
  • Axelus: If you want, you could come with us. We can explain more of the situation later. Exit's through the back.

Stage 10[]

» Follow the group on the mission.

Stage 11[]

» Meet the group.

The Remnants of a Dragon
1460, 18, -5494
Wynncraft Map


  • Korzim: The others...are just up ahead. I'll let you through...our tunnel.
  • Korzim: We use.. earth and.. fire.. elements. It is slow... like us.. but powerful.


  • Axelus: <playername>, over here! Near the skull.
  • Barden: We got this drill all the way from Corkus. Axelus had to pay a king's ransom to buy it, but this ought to work!


  • Barden: ...
  • Barden: AAAAGH! Idiot Corkus swindlers! Damn it all! How many emeralds did we waste?!
  • Barden: Ugh, do you have any experience with machines? You might have some idea of how in the hell to fix this hunk of junk.
  • To repair the mechanical core, select a color and connect the clay with the same colored glass block by clicking the iron blocks.


  • Barden: Fantastic, <playername>! We got the bone! Couldn't have done it without you.
  • Axelus: You can take it back to the coalition base. Barden and I will need to pack up before we join you.
  • Barden: Just knock on the black block in front of the cave we arrived in.

Stage 12[]

» Head back to the Coalition Base through the tunnel.

Korzim's Tunnel
1481, 15, -5479
Wynncraft Map


  • Korzim: I'll let... you in.


  • Axelus: Great, you got back alright.
  • Axelus: Dragon bone is one of the hardest substances in all the provinces. It's extremely rare.
  • Axelus: We're going to present this to the Dogun chief as tribute. We need to tidy it up.
  • Axelus: Could you get [1 Repair Kit] from the eastern part of the base?

Stage 13[]

» Retrieve the [Repair Kit] in the eastern part of the base.


  • ???: Shh. Do you hear that?
  • ???: There are voices behind this wall, and the trail ends here.
  • ???: We have no vaults here. Must be traitors... The King really wants to see Axelus.
  • ???: Stand back! I'll ready the charges...
  • Pens'r: Axelus! You are under arrest for high treason!
  • Pens'r: The king has sent for you personally.
  • Pens'r: If you don't come with us we wi-....
  • Pens'r: ...oh Lord, this must be why! D-Doguns?!
  • Pens'r: He is consorting with the enemy! Axelus, they've tainted your soul!
  • Pens'r: Entomb these Doguns, and slay their Dwarven thralls!

Kill the 3 guards and bring their drops to the hopper.


  • Axelus: Is everyone okay!?
  • Axelus: No, no, ignore the repair kit! There's no time to worry about that!
  • Axelus: Our position has been compromised, they blew our doors wide open! We have to evacuate immediately.
  • Axelus: We've never been caught like this before, they never knew we really had Doguns on our side.
  • Axelus: We need to get to safety right now! The least explored area is the Upper Heights.
  • Axelus: Everyone, out! Now! They won't follow through the rough terrain!

Stage 14[]

» Find your way up to the Dogun Village through the tunnel.


  • Axelus: We'll stay around here, we aren't welcome in the village.
  • Korzim: But... bring them... the dragon bone as a gift... If they accept it... they might accept us.
  • Axelus: You are free to enter the village but we will stay back and wait until the coast is clear. Keep going.


  • Plario: What is... that on the... cliff to the south?
  • Dwarven Scout: Hey, aren't those...Doguns?! A whole settlement...
  • Dwarven Scout: They've been gathering forces! We must inform Rodoroc immediately!
  • Plario: Human. Come talk to me.. Now.

Stage 15[]

» Talk to Plario.


  • Plario: Human... That Dwarf, he saw us...
  • Plario: They will... destroy us... If he reports... back to Rodoroc.
  • Plario: We need to... prepare our defenses. We need all the... help we can get.
  • Plario: Wait... What are... you holding? Dragon bone...? Just what we need...
  • Plario: Human... if you promise to help us... I will grant you access to... our secret elevators... You can get up and... down the heights with those.
  • Plario: Please return to... us when you reach level 92. Take this... badge so the... others recognize you... as an ally. One of the elevators is... to the south.


  • During the puzzle in Stage 11, you must right click on the iron blocks to create a path from the clay to the glass of the matching color. If you fail the puzzle, it may become unsolvable. In such a case, you will need to use /class or /kill to properly restart the puzzle and get it back to a working state.


  • Axelus is a partial anagram of the CT Manager Imaxelius.