Dwarves and Doguns Part III

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Dwarves and Doguns Part III
Quest Info
Length Long
Location Molten Heights
Province Gavel
Combat Level 93
Starter NPC Korzim
Reward As follows:

Dwarves and Doguns Part III is a long quest taking place in the Molten Heights area. It is the third quest in the Molten Heights storyline.

Preview[edit | edit source]

The King of Rodoroc refuses Axelus's demands to find peace by ending the war between the Dwarves and Doguns.

Stage 1[edit | edit source]

» Return to the Dogun Village with the letter and speak to Korzim.

 Location   Dogun Village   X   1436  Y   134  Z   -5388  Wynncraft Map 


  • Korzim: We...have an issue. A dire one... Where is...Axelus at a time...like this?
  • Korzim: ...human... This is a brick.
  • Korzim: Oh... From Axelus, then...? He could not find...a stone? That...does not bode well.

Korzim reads the message on the tablet silently. His expression is inscrutable.

  • Korzim: He is trying to...reason with the Dwarven King? There is...no one else...then. You... You will have to...help.
  • Korzim: The chieftain is...desperate. He has enacted a...terrible plan. They are planning on summoning Garaheth.
  • Korzim: If they succeed...we all die. Dwarves... Doguns... Possibly even Villagers...and then... Humans as well.
  • Korzim: Garaheth is a...horrible demon. We used to worship him...thousands of years ago.
  • Korzim: I only overheard parts... But enough to be certain. They are preparing...to the south. At a disused...ritual site.
  • Korzim: Meet me there... Do not just attack. We may be able to...resolve it peacefully. I will wait...by the staircase.

Stage 2[edit | edit source]

» Investigate the structure to the south.

 X   1467  Y   136  Z   -5200  Wynncraft Map 


  • Korzim: <Playername>...I take back my statement. They have already begun... There cannot be reasoning.
  • Korzim: We shall take the east tower... Hide there...and watch.
  • Korzim: Interrupting...at this point will have...disastrous consequences. We must let them continue...and pray they fail.
  • Dogun Chieftain: Reach into the darkness...and grasp the hand of Garaheth to purge the intruders...
  • Korzim: This is a worst-case scenario... Meet me in Maex. We will talk more there...

Stage 3[edit | edit source]

» Travel to Maex and meet Korzim at the entrance.


  • Korzim: Hoho...! Over here...fine traveler! Join me at the gates!
  • Korzim: This dwarf voice is...horrible on my throat...but it is an effective disguise...is it not?
  • Korzim: We are headed to...a blacksmith in town. Follow me...

Stage 4[edit | edit source]

» Talk to the blacksmith in Maex.


  • Edula: ...Korzim...what in the name of all that is holy is that disguise?
  • Edula: I'm flabbergasted you fooled anyone with that thing! How did you stop the beard from burning?
  • Edula: But, erm...more importantly, who's the buck in the fancy armour there?
  • Korzim: An ally...of the coalition. No time...Edula. Doguns... summoning... Garaheth.
  • Edula: So...so it's really down to that low, then. Burning your own house down to kill the rats.
  • Edula: Good thing we've got this prepared. One fallout will prevent the next. Soldier, I've got a list of materials we need!
  • Edula: You will need [10 Fire Webs]. The Heatscar Spiders under the town make them, there's a cave right by the entrance arch.
  • Edula: Then, [3 Magmatic Crystals] from the Maex mines. I'd get them myself, but...I'm banned from there since the rubber mallet incident.
  • Edula: Lastly, [1 Crystallized Lava]. The closest source is in the lava lake just outside Maex. There's a protruding crater in the lake.

Stage 5[edit | edit source]

» Bring back [10 Fire Webs], [3 Magmatic Crystals], and [1 Crystallized lava].

 Location   Fire Webs   X   1458  Y   15  Z   -5352  Wynncraft Map 

 Location   Magmatic Crystals   X   1502  Y   45  Z   -5343  Wynncraft Map 

 Location   Crystallized Lava   X   1346  Y   5  Z   -5409  Wynncraft Map 

When getting Crystallized Lava:


  • Korzim: The crystal formation... It is definitely here.
  • Korzim: I will clear the lava... On my signal, move. And do not stop.
  • Korzim: Move! Move! MOVE!


  • Edula: Mhm, looks like everything's in order. Now, for a short explanation.
  • Edula: These materials go into crafting a special charm. It will allow you to resist demon fire.
  • Edula: We need to account for if they finish the summoning, so this'll help keep you safe if you end up having to square off with Garaheth.
  • Edula: You will need to craft it yourself, so its magic will bond to you. I've got a station just for it.
  • Edula: Right-click the crafting table in the back and put it together.

Stage 6[edit | edit source]

» Craft the amulet in the crafting table.

 X   1503  Y   45  Z   -5303  Wynncraft Map 
Spoiler alert: The hidden text contains spoilers relating to crafting the amulet.
After right clicking the crafting table, remember the pattern that it displays, then repeat it. Taking a screenshot will help. If you forget what it is, exit with the button and right click the crafting table again.


  • Korzim: We must... visit... Sanba... the enchanter.

Stage 7[edit | edit source]

» Go to the enchanter and enchant the amulet.

 X   1509  Y   44  Z   -5337  Wynncraft Map 


  • Sanba: Erm...Korzim, what on earth are you doing here? It's not safe for you!
  • Sanba: Wait, that amulet...oh no, really? Okay, I know what^s going on.
  • Sanba: We're going to need to give this a little extra kick if you're going to use this for what I think you are.
  • Sanba: A pinch of fire scarab tail, splash of sulphur, exactly three ounces of old brimstone...!
  • Sanba: Infunde hoc monile, alta intra monte. Magia!
  • Sanba: Meet me in the back, we can't talk out here. You never know who's listening...

Stage 8[edit | edit source]

» Enter the storage room in the enchanter's house.


  • Sanba: Supposing you're here to help, Soldier. Garaheth's being summoned if you're getting this...
  • Sanba: Axelus prepped a contingency plan for this, but having to put it in action is surreal. Let me fill you in.
  • Sanba: That dragon skeleton lying in the Heights belonged to an Ice Drake. Centuries ago, it was used in the Dogun wars.
  • Sanba: It had incredibly potent magic, particularly in its icy breath. The area it hit is still frozen to this day, and shows no signs of thaw.
  • Sanba: According to Axelus' stories, its breath travelled through the tunnels and coalesced someplace deep within...
  • Sanba: ...becoming True Ice, a potent mixture of sheer cold and magic energy. That's what we will need to combat Garaheth.'
  • Sanba: If you bring me [4 True Ice] I can make a staff capable of harnessing it...and we can freeze Garaheth in its tracks.
  • Sanba: Head north to the Freezing Heights and make your way to the top, now! We've got no time at all!

Stage 9[edit | edit source]

» Travel to the frozen heights and find 4 True Ice.

 X   1590  Y   107  Z   -5445  Wynncraft Map 


  • Korzim: <Playername>... This... This used to be...a Dogun town. The Dwarves rendered it barren.
  • Korzim: They used the Drake... They chained it up and...forced it to attack. We had to kill it...
  • Korzim: It... froze my town... as it died. I was there... 900 years ago.
  • Korzim: I know the way... into the caves.
  • Korzim: The True Ice...is deep inside. I will struggle to...stay warm here.


  • Korzim: I will try to run through...as quickly as possible. The ice is...painful.


  • Korzim: We must... move fast... or... we will both.... freeze.
  • Korzim: Maybe... I am... hotter than... I thought... do you.. Hear that?
  • Korzim: Oh no... I think... It's... COLLAPSING.
  • Korzim: My... feet are... solid... Keep... running.
  • Korzim: This is it... The thing that... Killed my families... [4 True Ice].

The ice still scalding your hands with cold, you make your way back to Maex.

Stage 10[edit | edit source]

» Return to the enchanter with the True Ice.


  • Sanba: Impressive, you two. Must've been tough to get that...doubly so for Korzim.
  • Sanba: Here is the staff, <Playername>. Keep it safe, and don't you go dying on us.
  • Sanba: My husband and I will round up the coalition and get them to act now. We need to get going before-
  • A door slamming open is heard in the distance...
  • Sanba: ...that's the barracks door. That's the barracks door!!


  • Maex Soldier: Men! We have to meet for briefing on the surface, the war is due any hour now! Move faster!
  • Sanba: They're already going?! We're out of time! Korzim is waiting for you just upstairs when you reach level 94. Go train! NOW!