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Dwarves and Doguns Part III
Quest Info
Length Long
Location Molten Heights
Province Gavel
Combat Level 93
Starter NPC Korzim
Reward As follows:

Dwarves and Doguns Part III is a long quest taking place in the Molten Heights area. It is the third quest in the Molten Heights storyline.


The King of Rodoroc refuses Axelus's demands to find peace by ending the war between the Dwarves and Doguns.

Stage 1[]

» Return to the Dogun Village with the letter and speak to Korzim.

Dogun Village
1436, 134, -5388
Wynncraft Map


  • Korzim: We...have an issue. A dire one... Where is...Axelus at a time...like this?
  • Korzim: ...human... This is a brick.
  • Korzim: Oh... From Axelus, then...? He could not find...a stone? That...does not bode well.

Korzim reads the message on the tablet silently. His expression is inscrutable.

  • Korzim: He is trying to...reason with the Dwarven King? There is...no one else...then. You... You will have to...help.
  • Korzim: The chieftain is...desperate. He has enacted a...terrible plan. They are planning on summoning Garaheth.
  • Korzim: If they succeed...we all die. Dwarves... Doguns... Possibly even Villagers...and then... Humans as well.
  • Korzim: Garaheth is a...horrible demon. We used to worship him...thousands of years ago.
  • Korzim: I only overheard parts... But enough to be certain. They are preparing...to the south. At a disused...ritual site.
  • Korzim: Meet me there... Do not just attack. We may be able to...resolve it peacefully. I will wait...by the staircase.

Stage 2[]

» Investigate the structure to the south.

1467, 136, -5200
Wynncraft Map


  • Korzim: <Playername>...I take back my statement. They have already begun... There cannot be reasoning.
  • Korzim: We shall take the east tower... Hide there...and watch.
  • Korzim: Interrupting...at this point will have...disastrous consequences. We must let them continue...and pray they fail.
  • Dogun Chieftain: Reach into the darkness...and grasp the hand of Garaheth to purge the intruders...
  • Korzim: This is a worst-case scenario... Meet me in Maex. We will talk more there...

Stage 3[]

» Travel to Maex and meet Korzim at the entrance. [1446,35,-5280]


  • Korzim: Hoho...! Over here...fine traveler! Join me at the gates!
  • Korzim: This dwarf voice is...horrible on my throat...but it is an effective disguise...is it not?
  • Korzim: We are headed to...a blacksmith in town. Follow me...

Stage 4[]

» Talk to the blacksmith in Maex at 1508 45 -5298


  • Edula: ...Korzim...what in the name of all that is holy is that disguise?
  • Edula: I'm flabbergasted you fooled anyone with that thing! How did you stop the beard from burning?
  • Edula: But, erm...more importantly, who's the buck in the fancy armour there?
  • Korzim: An ally...of the coalition. No time...Edula. Doguns... summoning... Garaheth.
  • Edula: So...so it's really down to that low, then. Burning your own house down to kill the rats.
  • Edula: Good thing we've got this prepared. One fallout will prevent the next. Soldier, I've got a list of materials we need!
  • Edula: You will need [10 Fire Webs]. The Heatscar Spiders under the town make them, there's a cave right by the entrance arch.
  • Edula: Then, [3 Magmatic Crystals] from the Maex mines. I'd get them myself, but...I'm banned from there since the rubber mallet incident.
  • Edula: Lastly, [1 Crystallized Lava]. The closest source is in the lava lake just outside Maex. There's a protruding crater in the lake.

Stage 5[]

» Bring back [10 Fire Webs], [3 Magmatic Crystals], and [1 Crystallized lava].

Fire Webs
1458, 15, -5352
Wynncraft Map
Magmatic Crystals
1502, 45, -5343
Wynncraft Map
Crystallized Lava
1346, 5, -5409
Wynncraft Map

When getting Crystallized Lava:


  • Korzim: The crystal formation... It is definitely here.
  • Korzim: I will clear the lava... On my signal, move. And do not stop.
  • Korzim: Move! Move! MOVE!


  • Edula: Mhm, looks like everything's in order. Now, for a short explanation.
  • Edula: These materials go into crafting a special charm. It will allow you to resist demon fire.
  • Edula: We need to account for if they finish the summoning, so this'll help keep you safe if you end up having to square off with Garaheth.
  • Edula: You will need to craft it yourself, so its magic will bond to you. I've got a station just for it.
  • Edula: Right-click the crafting table in the back and put it together.

Stage 6[]

» Craft the amulet in the crafting table.

After right clicking the crafting table, remember the pattern that it displays, then repeat it. Taking a screenshot will help. If you forget what it is, exit with the button and right click the crafting table again. if you don't take your items out you will lose them.

Spoiler alert: The hidden text contains spoilers relating to crafting the amulet.
The recipe for crafting the amulet is arranged as the following: DND3.png


  • Korzim: We must... visit... Sanba... the enchanter.

Stage 7[]

» Go to the enchanter and enchant the amulet.

1509, 44, -5337
Wynncraft Map


  • Sanba: Erm...Korzim, what on earth are you doing here? It's not safe for you!
  • Sanba: Wait, that amulet...oh no, really? Okay, I know what^s going on.
  • Sanba: We're going to need to give this a little extra kick if you're going to use this for what I think you are.
  • Sanba: A pinch of fire scarab tail, splash of sulphur, exactly three ounces of old brimstone...!
  • Sanba: Infunde hoc monile, alta intra monte. Magia!
  • Sanba: Meet me in the back, we can't talk out here. You never know who's listening...

Stage 8[]

» Enter the storage room in the enchanter's house.


  • Sanba: Supposing you're here to help, Soldier. Garaheth's being summoned if you're getting this...
  • Sanba: Axelus prepped a contingency plan for this, but having to put it in action is surreal. Let me fill you in.
  • Sanba: That dragon skeleton lying in the Heights belonged to an Ice Drake. Centuries ago, it was used in the Dogun wars.
  • Sanba: It had incredibly potent magic, particularly in its icy breath. The area it hit is still frozen to this day, and shows no signs of thaw.
  • Sanba: According to Axelus' stories, its breath travelled through the tunnels and coalesced someplace deep within...
  • Sanba: ...becoming True Ice, a potent mixture of sheer cold and magic energy. That's what we will need to combat Garaheth.'
  • Sanba: If you bring me [4 True Ice] I can make a staff capable of harnessing it...and we can freeze Garaheth in its tracks.
  • Sanba: Head north to the Freezing Heights and make your way to the top, now! We've got no time at all!

Stage 9[]

» Travel to the frozen heights and find 4 True Ice.

1590, 107, -5445
Wynncraft Map


  • Korzim: <Playername>... This... This used to be...a Dogun town. The Dwarves rendered it barren.
  • Korzim: They used the Drake... They chained it up and...forced it to attack. We had to kill it...
  • Korzim: It... froze my town... as it died. I was there... 900 years ago.
  • Korzim: I know the way... into the caves.
  • Korzim: The True Ice...is deep inside. I will struggle to...stay warm here.


  • Korzim: I will try to run through...as quickly as possible. The ice is...painful.


  • Korzim: We must... move fast... or... we will both.... freeze.
  • Korzim: Maybe... I am... hotter than... I thought... do you.. Hear that?
  • Korzim: Oh no... I think... It's... COLLAPSING.
  • Korzim: My... feet are... solid... Keep... running.
  • Korzim: This is it... The thing that... Killed my families... [4 True Ice].

The ice still scalding your hands with cold, you make your way back to Maex.

Stage 10[]

» Return to the enchanter with the True Ice.


  • Sanba: Impressive, you two. Must've been tough to get that...doubly so for Korzim.
  • Sanba: Here is the staff, <Playername>. Keep it safe, and don't you go dying on us.
  • Sanba: My husband and I will round up the coalition and get them to act now. We need to get going before-
  • A door slamming open is heard in the distance...
  • Sanba: ...that's the barracks door. That's the barracks door!!


  • Maex Soldier: Men! We have to meet for briefing on the surface, the war is due any hour now! Move faster!
  • Sanba: They're already going?! We're out of time! Korzim is waiting for you just upstairs when you reach level 94. Go train! NOW!