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Dwarves and Doguns Part IV
Quest Info
Length Long
Location Molten Heights
Province Gavel
Combat Level 94
Starter NPC Korzim
Reward As follows:

Dwarves and Doguns Part IV is a long quest taking place in the Molten Heights area. It is the fourth and final quest in the Molten Heights storyline.


The war between the Dwarves and Doguns is just moments away, with one final chance of stopping it.

Stage 1[]

» Return to Korzim on the second floor of the enchanter in Maex with the Amulet of Fire Resistance and the Staff of True Ice.

1514, 51, -5342
Wynncraft Map


  • Korzim: <Playername>...Do you have...the staff? And the amulet...?
  • Korzim: The war is starting... and Axelus... He has not returned.
  • Korzim: We can not go... Not without him. Find him... And bring him to the... Dogun village.
  • Korzim: I can not leave. The guard...it is on high alert. He was last at Rodoroc...yes?

Stage 2[]

» Head to Rodoroc and look for Axelus.

1117, 11, -5135
Wynncraft Map


  • Soldier: The first group has already started their climb, let's hurry.


  • Rodoroc Citizen: Hey! Everyone, the king has someone in the cage! It's been years since we used it!
  • Rodoroc Citizen: Wait, that's Axelus up there!! The king locked up his son?! What in the world?
  • Rodoroc Citizen: I heard he was consorting with demons, but that can't possibly be true, can it?
  • Axelus: For the last time, they are not demons!! Gods, I've been telling you this whole time! Not even my father will listen to reason!
  • Axelus: If I don't get freed we're doomed, you hear me?! We won't survive another war! As your prince I demand to be freed!
  • Axelus: Listen, the statues are climbable and there's a control panel for the lava siphons near them! Now help me so we all don't die!

Stage 3[]

» Free Axelus and escape the city.

Spoiler alert: The hidden text contains spoilers relating to freeing Axelus.
To the right of the signs below where Axelus is kept prisoner, there is a red carpet that leads to some parkour to the button that releases Axelus.


  • Rodoroc Citizen: Wait, that human just defaced the hero's monument!! Are they working with the demons too?
  • Axelus: <Playername> ! I didn't think you'd be back, but we need to leave, now! Meet me outside!


  • Axelus: <Playername>! Over here, to the right! By the cannon! I'm commandeering this thing.
  • Axelus: We need to get up to the Doguns before the Dwarves begin their assault, or before the Doguns take their last resort.
  • Axelus: Get in the cannon, now! You've got your armour, you might end up charred and covered in soot but you'll be fine!


  • Axelus: Don't tell anyone we shot ourselves out of a cannon, I'll never live it down. Now come on, to the Dogun village, hurry!
  • Axelus: If the Doguns are taking their last resort and summoning Garaheth, then we've got two sides to stop at once...basically, the odds are astronomically against us.
  • Axelus: That means you do what you need to do, no matter what. Understood? If we can stop this madness then the casualties won't have died for nothing! Now move!
  • A hole in the wall has been opened...

Stage 4[]

» Reach the portal and stop Garaheth.

Follow the path and kill enemies to destroy the walls. To fire the cannon right click it with the cannon ball, gotten by killing one of the enemies. It will be very obvious when you reach the portal.


  • Axelus: WAIT, STOP THE-
  • Dogun Chieftain: Quiet. Dwarven whelp...we will not go quietly. AWAKEN.


  • Axelus: I can't believe this... That bone was part of the ritual?! Agh, how could we have been so STUPID! You're all lucky we prepared for this!!
  • Axelus: You need to get inside him. He's still chained! The amulet will protect you from the heat! Freeze him from the inside out!!

Stage 5[]

» Enter the body of Garaheth.

Stage 6[]

» Find all 4 organs and destroy them.

Spoiler alert: The hidden text contains spoilers relating to destroying the organs.
Right clicking the green particles with the Staff of True Ice will solidify the organ. Do this 4 times to progress. The last organ requires an item dropped by the boss of the room.

Stage 7[]

» Leave Garaheth and exit his realm.


  • Axelus: Open your eyes for once in your lives!! You see that?! Behind me! THAT was going to be the end result!
  • Axelus: Garaheth would have killed every one of us, damn it! Are you that short-sighted that you can't see this?!
  • Axelus: Everyone here is to blame, except the human who helped stop this! The Doguns were already exiled, they wouldn't have hurt anyone!
  • Axelus: But we couldn't just let ANYTHING be! You always need more glory, more, more, MORE! Don't you, Draani? I'm ashamed to be your lineage!
  • Axelus: And you, Doguns! I...I pitied you. You were wronged, but you resort to this? You'd doom the world over to spite the Dwarves? Is that it?!
  • Dogun Chieftain: Whelp. You do not understand. To be persecuted...and see your people tortured...hunted.
  • Dwarven Commander: You all deserve it! You attacked out [sic] ancestors for sport! Eye for an eye, have you heard of it? It's only fair!
  • Dogun Chieftain: Imbeciles...your stories are not true. We... We lived through the war. You took everything...and suffered none.
  • Axelus: I've been trying to tell BOTH of you that the monarchy has been spreading lies for centuries! One bad king doesn't mean the whole species is a loss!
  • Dogun Chieftain: Shut your mouth. Even now...you trample on the bones of our god... You have taken everything from us...
  • Dogun Chieftain: This earth is stained by you. We...we shall burn you...and scatter your ash to the wind.
  • Korzim: Axelus!
  • Korzim: ...he..
  • Korzim: You would... You would kill a savior...?
  • King of Rodoroc: No, no! No no no, this can't be happening! H-Hang on, we'll save you, I...I'll do something, I...
  • King of Rodoroc: Y-You DEMONS! MONSTERS! I'll avenge you, Axelus, j-just give me time-
  • Axelus: AGH, SHUT UP! SHUT...ack... Q-Quiet. Listen to one damn word from my mouth, Draani... For once in your miserable life
  • Axelus: Tell. The. TRUTH!! G-gaagh...you know that's th...the only way to stop this. Swallow your pride, you...old fool...
  • King of Rodoroc: I...I... Axelus... He...he called me Draani...why did...?
  • King of Rodoroc: Men, stand down. This... This war is over! I will not have one more life lost! Touch the Doguns and I'll personally behead you!
  • King of Rodoroc: Chief, I...I ask of you but an hour of your time. If you are willing to negotiate...
  • A few hours later...

Stage 8[]

» Speak with the King of Rodoroc and the Dogun Chieftain.


  • King of Rodoroc: Ah, you've arrived. I...actually remember you from earlier. So you and...
  • King of Rodoroc: A-and...
  • King of Rodoroc: ...you knew my son. Were helping him try to put an end to this, before everything was too far gone. Heh...apologies, for that.
  • King of Rodoroc: Paku and I have had a long discussion about the wisdom of youth over the old. You all were right. I needed to swallow my pride.
  • Dogun Chieftain: We agreed upon a peace treaty... A new city... The Dwarves will aid us in building it.
  • Dogun Chieftain: All hostilities...will end. My people will...be free to roam the caverns. It has been...too long.
  • King of Rodoroc: And the entombed Doguns at Courag will be reconstituted, as well, supposing that is a possibility.
  • King of Rodoroc: Every king, since my so-far-great grandfather, Draani Thunderwill, has battled with their morality over the lies told to my people.
  • King of Rodoroc: It ends here, with the name Draani VIII. It will take time, but the bloodshed has proven things must begin to change now.
  • King of Rodoroc: You and the coalition have saved the Heights, and Gavel. In Maex, you will find a stall to trade valuable minerals. You will be granted special Dwarven privileges to purchase it now.
  • King of Rodoroc: Though that is...almost certainly not enough a reward for everything you have done...sincerely. Thank you, Wynn soldier.


If you die inside Garaheth, just go through the portal to attempt the bossfight again.

If you accidentally warp back to Rodoroc after teleporting to the conference in Stage 8, just go through the portal.