Dwarves and Doguns Part IV

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Dwarves and Doguns Part IV
Quest Info
Length Long
Location Molten Heights
Province Gavel
Combat Level 94
Starter NPC Korzim
Reward As follows:

Dwarves and Doguns Part IV is a long quest taking place in the Molten Heights area. It is the fourth and final quest in the Molten Heights storyline.

Preview[edit | edit source]

The war between the Dwarves and Doguns is just moments away, with one final chance of stopping it.

Stage 1[edit | edit source]

» Return to Korzim on the second floor of the enchanter in Maex with the Amulet of Fire Resistance and the Staff of True Ice.

 X   1514  Y   51  Z   -5342  Wynncraft Map 


  • Korzim: <Playername>...Do you have...the staff? And the amulet...?
  • Korzim: The war is starting... and Axelus... He has not returned.
  • Korzim: We can not go... Not without him. Find him... And bring him to the... Dogun village.
  • Korzim: I can not leave. The guard...it is on high alert. He was last at Rodoroc...yes?

Stage 2[edit | edit source]

» Head to Rodoroc and look for Axelus.

 X   1117  Y   11  Z   -5135  Wynncraft Map 


  • Soldier: The first group has already started their climb, let's hurry.


  • Rodoroc Citizen: Hey! Everyone, the king has someone in the cage! It's been years since we used it!
  • Rodoroc Citizen: Wait, that's Axelus up there!! The king locked up his son?! What in the world?
  • Rodoroc Citizen: I heard he was consorting with demons, but that can't possibly be true, can it?
  • Axelus: For the last time, they are not demons!! Gods, I've been telling you this whole time! Not even my father will listen to reason!
  • Axelus: If I don't get freed we're doomed, you hear me?! We won't survive another war! As your prince I demand to be freed!
  • Axelus: Listen, the statues are climbable and there's a control panel for the lava siphons near them! Now help me so we all don't die!

Stage 3[edit | edit source]

» Free Axelus and escape the city.

Spoiler alert: The hidden text contains spoilers relating to freeing Axelus.
To the right of the signs below where Axelus is kept prisoner, there is a red carpet that leads to some parkour to the button that releases Axelus.


  • Rodoroc Citizen: Wait, that human just defaced the hero's monument!! Are they working with the demons too?
  • Axelus: <Playername> ! I didn't think you'd be back, but we need to leave, now! Meet me outside!


  • Axelus: <Playername>! Over here, to the right! By the cannon! I'm commandeering this thing.
  • Axelus: We need to get up to the Doguns before the Dwarves begin their assault, or before the Doguns take their last resort.
  • Axelus: Get in the cannon, now! You've got your armour, you might end up charred and covered in soot but you'll be fine!


  • Axelus: Don't tell anyone we shot ourselves out of a cannon, I'll never live it down. Now come on, to the Dogun village, hurry!
  • Axelus: If the Doguns are taking their last resort and summoning Garaheth, then we've got two sides to stop at once...basically, the odds are astronomically against us.
  • Axelus: That means you do what you need to do, no matter what. Understood? If we can stop this madness then the casualties won't have died for nothing! Now move!
  • A hole in the wall has been opened...

Stage 4[edit | edit source]

» Reach the portal and stop Garaheth.


  • Axelus: WAIT, STOP THE-
  • Dogun Chieftain: Quiet. Dwarven whelp...we will not go quietly. AWAKEN.


  • Axelus: I can't believe this... That bone was part of the ritual?! Agh, how could we have been so STUPID! You're all lucky we prepared for this!!
  • Axelus: You need to get inside him. He's still chained! The amulet will protect you from the heat! Freeze him from the inside out!!

Stage 5[edit | edit source]

» Enter the body of Garaheth.

Stage 6[edit | edit source]

» Find all 4 organs and destroy them.

Spoiler alert: The hidden text contains spoilers relating to destroying the organs.
Right clicking the green particles with the Staff of True Ice will solidify the organ. Do this 4 times to progress. The last organ requires an item dropped by the boss of the room.

Stage 7[edit | edit source]

» Leave Garaheth and exit his realm.


  • Axelus: Open your eyes for once in your lives!! You see that?! Behind me! THAT was going to be the end result!
  • Axelus: Garaheth would have killed every one of us, damn it! Are you that short-sighted that you can't see this?!
  • Axelus: Everyone here is to blame, except the human who helped stop this! The Doguns were already exiled, they wouldn't have hurt anyone!
  • Axelus: But we couldn't just let ANYTHING be! You always need more glory, more, more, MORE! Don't you, Draani? I'm ashamed to be your lineage!
  • Axelus: And you, Doguns! I...I pitied you. You were wronged, but you resort to this? You'd doom the world over to spite the Dwarves? Is that it?!
  • Dogun Chieftain: Whelp. You do not understand. To be persecuted...and see your people tortured...hunted.
  • Dwarven Commander: You all deserve it! You attacked out [sic] ancestors for sport! Eye for an eye, have you heard of it? It's only fair!
  • Dogun Chieftain: Imbeciles...your stories are not true. We... We lived through the war. You took everything...and suffered none.
  • Axelus: I've been trying to tell BOTH of you that the monarchy has been spreading lies for centuries! One bad king doesn't mean the whole species is a loss!
  • Dogun Chieftain: Shut your mouth. Even now...you trample on the bones of our god... You have taken everything from us...
  • Dogun Chieftain: This earth is stained by you. We...we shall burn you...and scatter your ash to the wind.
  • Korzim: Axelus!
  • Korzim: ...he..
  • Korzim: You would... You would kill a savior...?
  • King of Rodoroc: No, no! No no no, this can't be happening! H-Hang on, we'll save you, I...I'll do something, I...
  • King of Rodoroc: Y-You DEMONS! MONSTERS! I'll avenge you, Axelus, j-just give me time-
  • Axelus: AGH, SHUT UP! SHUT...ack... Q-Quiet. Listen to one damn word from my mouth, Draani... For once in your miserable life
  • Axelus: Tell. The. TRUTH!! G-gaagh...you know that's th...the only way to stop this. Swallow your pride, you...old fool...
  • King of Rodoroc: I...I... Axelus... He...he called me Draani...why did...?
  • King of Rodoroc: Men, stand down. This... This war is over! I will not have one more life lost! Touch the Doguns and I'll personally behead you!
  • King of Rodoroc: Chief, I...I ask of you but an hour of your time. If you are willing to negotiate...
  • A few hours later...

Stage 8[edit | edit source]

» Speak with the King of Rodoroc and the Dogun Chieftain.


  • King of Rodoroc: Ah, you've arrived. I...actually remember you from earlier. So you and...
  • King of Rodoroc: A-and...
  • King of Rodoroc: ...you knew my son. Were helping him try to put an end to this, before everything was too far gone. Heh...apologies, for that.
  • King of Rodoroc: Paku and I have had a long discussion about the wisdom of youth over the old. You all were right. I needed to swallow my pride.
  • Dogun Chieftain: We agreed upon a peace treaty... A new city... The Dwarves will aid us in building it.
  • Dogun Chieftain: All hostilities...will end. My people will...be free to roam the caverns. It has been...too long.
  • King of Rodoroc: And the entombed Doguns at Courag will be reconstituted, as well, supposing that is a possibility.
  • King of Rodoroc: Every king, since my so-far-great grandfather, Draani Thunderwill, has battled with their morality over the lies told to my people.
  • King of Rodoroc: It ends here, with the name Draani VIII. It will take time, but the bloodshed has proven things must begin to change now.
  • King of Rodoroc: You and the coalition have saved the Heights, and Gavel. In Maex, you will find a stall to trade valuable minerals. You will be granted special Dwarven privileges to purchase it now.
  • King of Rodoroc: Though that is...almost certainly not enough a reward for everything you have done...sincerely. Thank you, Wynn soldier.

Tips[edit | edit source]

If you die inside Garaheth, just go through the portal to attempt the bossfight again.