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This page contains spoilers. Readers are discouraged from continuing if they want to discover features by themselves.

Easter Eggs are hidden jokes or references within the game placed by Builders or GMs to provide fun for players. Some Easter Eggs refer to Wynn lore or future releases, while others hide Loot Chests or are just locations that are hard to find.

This list covers discovered Easter Eggs and removed or unconfirmed Easter Eggs. Unfortunately, many of the Easter Eggs have been removed, either due to reworks of the area, improvement or reworks of Quests, or just simply removed for no reason.

Easter Eggs[]


  • There is a secret emerald room on the third floor of the Ragni bank.
  • There is a shower in one of the houses

Little Wood[]

  • The territory of Little Wood, and the Little Wood Cabin itself, are a reference to the Yogscast member Martyn InTheLittleWood.
  • There is a sign inside stating "Gone to travel -Martyn <3".
  • There is a song for the reigon called "In The Little Wood".


  • The Black Market Merchant is hidden behind a waterfall
  • a pool of water and a stash of emeralds can be found in the house at 976 83 -1924


  • In the Bovemist Church, Salted's player head can be found on a pedestal.
  • On a mountain near Ternaves there is an overpass leading to the Mesa. In it can be found a grave reading "to chime and bell, to solitude. I bid thee, farewell."
  • A sign with a Wither Skull renamed 'The' can be found next to one of the wooden pillars.
    • There were five other Wither Skulls in Bovemist Churches that formed the message 'The Lord Got Lost In Memories'
    • Ternaves is the only church confirmed to still have part of the message present.

Freezing Heights[]

 X   -1439  Y   9  Z   -5406  Wynncraft Map 
  • There is a snowman at the above coords.

Freezing Heights Snowman.png

Removed/Unconfirmed Easter Eggs[]

Removed Content
The following page contains information about content that no longer exists in Wynncraft and has been archived for historical purposes.

Legacy Tutorial[]

  • There is a sign behind the carriage which says 'She loves me, she loves me no she loves me but I'm a robot'
  • There is a small valley near the Armor Merchant, and it has a wolf called Lonely Wolf, which will follow you.


  • There is a hidden jail within the king's palaces.

Emerald Trail[]

  • Below the potion shop can be found the entrance to the Sewer Trap.


  • There is an Anti-Bovemist lair within the city walls.
    • While this was rumoured to be true, no evidence from previous versions of the map have shown that there was any lair.


  • There is an Anti-Bovemist lair below the Bovemist Church.


  • There is a sign that says "I need a hug." at -2013 / 77 / -4519/7 near the Bank.