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A diagram showing which element is typically strong/weak to any other element, along with Neutral damage in the center.

Elements, as of their release in the 1.14 Gavel Expansion, are a key component in Wynncraft's combat system. They play a major role in many aspects of the game including Weapons, Armour, Accessories, Mobs, Skill Points, Powders, and Potions. There are currently five nature-based elements implemented: Earth, Thunder, Water, Fire, and Air.

The Elements[]

✤ Earth[]

The Earth element is linked to the Strength skill point. Equipment associated with this element will usually have increased Melee Damage, Poison, Thorns, and/or slower Attack Speed.

✦ Thunder[]

The Thunder element is linked to the Dexterity skill point. Equipment associated with this element usually has increased Attack Speed bonuses, faster attack speeds, and/or raw damages.

❉ Water[]

The Water element is linked to the Intelligence skill point. Equipment associated with this element usually has increased Mana and/or spell damage bonuses. Healing abilities increase the amount healed the more Water Damage % ID you have.

✹ Fire[]

The Fire element is linked to the Defense skill point. Equipment associated with this element usually has considerable health boosts, Health Regen, Life Steal, and/or Exploding.

❋ Air[]

The Air element is linked to the Agility skill point. Equipment associated with this element usually has increased walk speed and/or Reflection.

Note that the stated equipment trends are not fixed and are not absolute law.


Many of the mobs in the game are currently not affiliated with elements. However, some special mobs, particularly Bosses and those of the Gavel Province, can have up to three types of elemental stats:

  • Weak - Mobs with elemental weaknesses take more damage if your weapon elements correspond to their weaknesses. Spell conversions can also come into play.
  • Dam - On mobs, this shows what elements a mob damages you with. Depending on your elemental defenses, you can take more or less damage.
  • Def - This shows the elemental defenses on mobs, so if you have elements on your weapon matching their elemental defenses, you do less damage. Since elemental conversions exist too (Check class wikis) and apply before powders (Powders add on damage after spell conversion) so that can affect mobs defenses as well.


Every powder correlates to a certain element. Using powders on weapons and armor can boost elemental defense and damage, but are generally used for their powder specials. Using 2 powders of tier IV or higher on weapons and armor will unlock special powder buffs and abilities.

Elemental Defenses/Damage[]

In the game, there are elemental defense and elemental damage stats for each element. Elemental damage acts like extra regular damage in most cases. However, having elemental defense of the same element will increase or reduce the amount taken by a flat amount.

Player elemental defenses are calculated by being added together and modified by the total % elemental defense ID. Mob elemental defense numbers are hidden, but act basically the same as player eledefs.

If you had +20 raw thunder defense on five pieces of gear, two pieces also having +5% thunder def, you’d have 110 thunder def total. A thunder damage melee hit would be reduced by 110 with that amount of thunder defense.

When it comes to spells,

Spell multipliers and weapons' attack speed modifier affect eledef damage from spells.

A water damage meteor from a super fast wand against a mob with -100 water defense would do

100 x 5 (spell mult) x 4.3 (attack speed modifier) = 2150 extra damage,

while a water damage meteor from a super slow wand against the same mob would do

100 x 5 x 0.51 = 255 additional damage.

It goes both ways. If the mob had positive 100 water defense, you’d lose that much damage instead of gaining it.

~ Elemental Defenses Explained

Extra damage from negative Elemental Defense is true damage, not reduced by a player's defense skillpoint.

The extra damage you deal against mobs or players with negative elemental defense can be increased by Strength and Dexterity.


  • In The Qira Hive, there are different divisions that pertain to each element.
  • There used to be elemental mini-dungeons scattered around Gavel, but they were removed in the Gameplay Update.


Elements, Defense, and Damage symbols

A snapshot of the compass elemental defense menu. Keep in mind that weapon IDs are not taken into account, so it isn't fully accurate.