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Elkurn Fields RegionIcon.png
Elkurn Fields.png
A screenshot of the fields.
Coordinates X: -245, Z: -1217
Access Points Nesaak Forest to the south
Time Valley to the west
Nivla Woods to the north
Roots of Corruption to the east
Suggested Level 10
Quest Starts Studying the Corrupt
Recover the Past
Monsters Hostile Mobs (Wynn)

The Elkurn Fields is a territory between Time Valley and Elkurn. It also is located near the Nivla Woods, and is home to the Lost Sanctuary Dungeon. The area has many different bodies of water, including multiple rivers running through and a large lake in the middle, housing the Sanctuary Bridge. Mobs from Time Valley spawn here, as well as some unique ones of the fields' own.

Points of Interest[]


  • Elkurn - This town has survived for hundreds of years, even while being right next to the Roots of Corruption. The cold winds of the Nesaak Forest combined with the heat of the Roots causes the houses to rot all the time.
  • Tempo Town - A run-down, slum-like town. Many facilities in Tempo Town are all part of one building in Tempo Town, and the residents are mainly homeless. It is not far from the Sanctuary Bridge, which hosts the Lost Sanctuary Dungeon.


  • Lost Sanctuary - A dungeon located in the middle of Sanctuary Bridge. It is the den of many species thought to have gone extinct.
  • Tower of Amnesia - Adventurers come to this tower wanting to recover long-lost memories. It is the only place where Skill Reset Scrolls can be bought.
  • Ruined Fortress - Once an outpost protecting against the undead, it is now only ruins. A powerful corrupted entity destroyed it hundreds of years ago, along with many other towns.

Grind Spots[]


Image Name Level Health AI Type Abilities Elemental Stats Drops Location
ZombieMiner.png Zombie Miner 5 20 Melee - -
Rotten Flesh
Cave at -26, 67, -1423
SkeletonMiner.png Skeleton Miner 5 20 Ranged - -
Bone Meal
Cave at -26, 67, -1423
MinerChef.png Miner Chef 5 58 Melee - -
Rotten Flesh
Cave at -26, 67, -1423
AbnormalMiner.png Abnormal Miner 7 90 Melee - -
Rotten Flesh
Cave at -26, 67, -1423
ZombieSoldier.png Zombie Soldier 6 15 Melee - -
Rotten Flesh

Corrupted Remains
Ruins at -133, 67, -1305
ZombieBerserker.png Zombie Berserker 8 22 Melee - -
Rotten Flesh

Corrupted Remains
Ruins at -133, 67, -1305
EssenceofHell.png Essence of Hell 5 60 Melee Tp Fire: Damage - Ruins at -192, 67, -1323
EnragedUndead.png Enraged Undead 9 115 Melee - Water: Weakness
Fire: Damage
- Ruins at -192, 67, -1323
NetherGeneral.png Nether General 12 175 Ranged Meteor Fire: Damage 2 Essence of Hell Ruins at -192, 67, -1323
WildBoar(Level9).png Wild Boar 9 43 Melee - -
Boar Meat
Time Valley
Elkurn Fields
ValleyWanderer.png Valley Wanderer 12 65 Melee - -
Drained Bone

Warped Skin

Bone Ash
Time Valley
Elkurn Fields
TimelostAdventurer.png Timelost Adventurer 15 55 Melee Tp - - Time Valley
CorruptedLumberjack.png Corrupted Lumberjack 16 56 Melee - -
Wood Snippet
Field at -168, 54, -1165
WarpedHusk.png Warped Husk 13 77 Melee - Thunder: Damage
Jolting Geode
Cave at -381, 72, -1168
EternalParagon.png Eternal Paragon 14 164 Melee - Fire: Defence - Cave at -381, 72, -1168