Removed Content
The following page contains information about content that no longer exists in Wynncraft and has been archived for historical purposes.

NPC Info
X: -669
Z: -4443
Location Aldorei
Quest Involved Aldorei's Secret Part I, Aldorei's Secret Part II

Elrund is a guard of Aldorei and was the start NPC for the quest: Aldorei's Secret Part I. Once you have started the quest, you can enter Aldorei. He was removed in the 1.20 Gavel Reborn update, when the Aldorei's Secret Part I quest was reworked.


 Location   Aldorei   X   -669  Y     Z   -4443  Wynncraft Map 

Elrund used to be located in front of Aldorei, on the west side.

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