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Emblem of the Bonfire

Type Untradable
Obtain Bonfire Tender
Usage Collectible
You'll always have a place at the bonfire, friend. Now rest. You'll have plenty of time for adventure tomorrow.

Thank you for participating in the 2021 Festival of the Bonfire!

The Emblem of the Bonfire is an exclusive item obtainable during the Festival of the Bonfire, which ran from 18th July, 2021 through 8th August, 2021. It could be obtained for free from the Bonfire Tender next to the large bonfire in the center of Detlas until the end of the Festival.


Festival of the Spirits[]

If you had previously obtained it, the Emblem could be shown to The Envoy during the 2021 Festival of the Spirits:

  • The Envoy: ...A bonfire. Hm. I suppose you've met my brother, then.
  • The Envoy: It's very unlike him to meddle with this world's affairs. I wonder what could have driven him to do so...
  • The Envoy: I suppose our sort have to get by somehow! Not many options left.

Festival of the Blizzard[]

The Emblem could also be shown to The Traveler during the 2021 Festival of the Blizzard:

  • The Traveler: ...A bonfire. I'm afraid I don't know anything about this item you've given me. Where did you get it from?
  • The Traveler: You got it from a man in an orange cloak? Something about that feels familiar... but I can't quite pinpoint what.
  • The Traveler: Bonfires... Hm. I'll keep thinking! Just, ah... If you ever see this man again, be careful. Something about these flames reminds me of...
  • The Traveler: Nevermind. Just stay safe out there, alright?

After 25th December, 2021, if you held both the Emblem of the Spirits and the Emblem of the Blizzard in addition to the Emblem of the Bonfire, the Traveler had further dialogue:

  • The Traveler: Right! Ah, I think I have something. It's not very clear, but... Something.
  • The Traveler: The two emblems you showed me... And the one I offered you, as well. They're important, I believe. A way to...
  • The Traveler: You mentioned two figures, but there was a third. I can't quite recall what he looked like, but he... Hm.
  • The Traveler: I can't remember... Whatever happened... it wasn't his fault. You have to let him know it wasn't his fault.
  • The Traveler: We weren't meant to be here, but we are, and... And I'm not sure why. I don't know what it means, yet.
  • The Traveler: There's not much time left. Soon, I'll have to go, and I can't tell you more. I'll... forget again.
  • The Traveler: And, ah... There's more ahead. But I can't be here for it. It's your path to take, and your choices to make.