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Removed Content
The following page contains information about content that no longer exists in Wynncraft as of update 1.17 and has been archived for historical purposes.

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The Emerald Relic Shrine
Suggested Level 35
Type/Biomes Desert
Monsters Relic Guardian, Lv 35
Uses Relic Shrine
Requirements Touch the Relic Crystal

The Emerald Relic Shrine gave varying amounts of emeralds upon touching the shrine. It was one of the thirty relics you could find in the Gavel and Wynn province. It was guarded by level 35 Relic Guardians. It was also one of the easiest Relics to find and could even be seen on the map. It has since been removed along with all the other relics in the 1.17 update.

This Relic had a 4-hour cooldown, so could not be farmed repeatedly.


 Location   Near the Invaded Barracks   X   1453  Y     Z   -2130  Wynncraft Map 


The Emerald Relic gave the following rewards when the crystal was touched.

Reward Chance
Emerald.png 16 Emeralds 41.7%
Emerald.png 32 Emeralds 25%
Emerald.png 48 Emeralds 16.7%
Emerald.png 64 Emeralds 8.3%
Emerald block.png 2 Emerald Blocks 8.3%