Engineer Eric

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Engineer Eric
NPC Info
X: -1655 Z: -10209
Location Cinfras-Detlas Airship
Quest Involved Flight in Distress

Engineer Eric is the head engineer of the Cinfras-Detlas Airship. During the quest Flight in Distress, when there is a problem with the engines, he asks the player to help him reboot the engine system by going to the top of the airship and inputting the code while he inputs the same code from the engine room, as you need two people to reboot the engines. His plan works, and he thanks the player for the help and tells them they can go back to their quarters and get some rest.

Location[edit | edit source]

 Location   Cinfras-Detlas Airship   X   -1655  Y   189  Z   -10209  Wynncraft Map 

Engineer Eric is located in the engine room of the Cinfras-Detlas Airship, which is just behind the ladder into the captain's room.