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Enter the Dojo
Quest Info
Length Long
Location Sakura Dojo
Province Gavel
Combat Level 89
Starter NPC Sensei Miyagi
Reward As follows:

Enter The Dojo is a long level 89 quest which occurs in the Sakura Dojo.

Stage 1[]

» Talk to Sensei Miyagi in Sakura Dojo.


  • Sensei Miyagi: Welcome, young traveler, to my dojo. Do you wish to train with me?
  • Sensei Miyagi: Hundreds of apprentices have traveled from all of the provinces to train under my wing, to gain experience and improve their skills in the arts.
  • Sensei Miyagi: Despite all the training my apprentices have been though, I have yet to see any individual, both amateur and experienced, complete all four of my challenges.
  • Sensei Miyagi: The astounding individual that conquers all four of my trials will receive the highest decoration I can provide- The Master's Gi, a prestigious chestplate.
  • Sensei Miyagi: Do you wish to train and learn the arts under my guide, young grasshopper?
  • Sensei Miyagi: If you wish to dare my challenges, head to the back of my dojo and jump into the water pit.

Stage 2[]

» Jump down the water pit to begin the challenges.

Stage 3[]

» Ascend the Qiangdu Room in the physical strength challenge.


  • Sensei Miyagi: Welcome to the Qiangdu room, home of the first challenge. Test your jumping and climbing ability in this room, young grasshopper.

Stage 4[]

» Fight your way through the Dàochång Room in the combat challenge.


Image Name Level Health AI Type Abilities Elemental Stats Drops Location
150px Animated Training Dummy 86 4500 Melee - - Kangaroo Room Token Sakura Dojo
150px Armored Training Dummy 91 6250 Melee - Weak
Kangaroo Room Token Sakura Dojo
150px Assassin Training Dummy 80 4000 Melee - Weak
Kangaroo Room Token Sakura Dojo


  • Sensei Miyagi: Welcome to the Dàochång room, home of the combat challenge. This challenge should come easy to the warrior that can bring out his inner fighter.

Stage 5[]

» Solve the puzzle of sight in the Shìjué Room in the sight challenge.

Spoiler alert: The hidden text contains spoilers relating to Puzzle Solution.



  • Sensei Miyagi: Welcome to the Shìjué room, home of the sight challenge. Remember, young grasshopper, there is always more than one perspective to a problem.

Stage 6[]

» Find the green tea recipe scroll in the temple's scroll library.


  • Sensei Miyagi: Welcome to the Xìngzhì cave, home of the tranquility challenge. Your goal in this challenge is to become as tranquil as possible, to become one with nature. Instructions in your quest book will guide you.
  • Tales of the Past: Historians tell of a time when the humans were not capable of harnessing the power of elements on their weapons and armor, yet this theory contains little evidence.
  • Guide to the Arts: The arts are not skills that can be taught to a figure through a scroll of words, you must experience training first-hand under the wings of an experienced sensei.
  • Tales of the Mighty Dragon: Legend tells of a mighty, fierce dragon that caused terror across the ancient former homelands of the practicers of the arts, yet an anonymous figure vanquished the dragon in an unbelievable feat.
  • Oriental Scriptures: This is not the scroll you are looking for.
  • Tales of the Future: Theorists explain of a world in the distant future of advanced supertechnology downsized to small portable devices containing endless knowledge and information all at the tip of your fingers, yet this shows little to no promise of becoming reality.
  • Green Tea Recipe: To brew one cup green tea, you will need 1 Water Bucket, 1 Ginger Root, 1 Sugar, and 1 Lemongrass. Boil ingredients in cauldron.

Stage 7[]

» Obtain the four green ingredients tea from the Xingzhi cave and brew a cup of green tea in the temple's kitchen.

You throw the ingredients into the tea cauldron to boil
You scoop a fresh, hot cup of 1 Green Tea from the pot.
Maybe you should donate the tea to a wild creature from the Xìngzhì cave to become peaceful with it.

Stage 8[]

» Feed a wild animal in the Xìngzhì cave the green tea.

The cow raises its head to look at you, its eyes flare at the sight of the green tea.
You gesture the tea generously towards the cow, and place it on the ground for it to drink. The cow nods respectively to you.

The sheep raises its head to look at you, its eyes flare at the sight of the green tea.
You gesture the tea generously towards the sheep, and place it on the ground for it to drink. The sheep nods respectively to you.

The pig raises its head to look at you, its eyes flare at the sight of the green tea.
You gesture the tea generously towards the pig, and place it on the ground for it to drink. The pig nods respectively to you.

Stage 9[]

» Exit the Xìngzhì cave through the tunnel near the temple.

Stage 10[]

» Speak to Sensei Miyagi.


  • Sensei Miyagi: I see you have returned, young one. What news do you bring to me?
  • Sensei Miyagi: You... you have completed all four of my challenges? You have astounded me!
  • Sensei Miyagi: Your name will go down in the history of the arts, my friend.
  • Sensei Miyagi: Take this 1 Master's Gi as a reward for your rigorous hard work.
  • Sensei Miyagi: It has been an honor to train you in my dojo, young master.


  • It can be difficult to throw the required 30 tokens into the hopper of the Dàochång Room. Try stunning, slowing or blinding the mobs with a spell, then hold the stack of 30 tokens in your hand and press Ctrl+[Your drop key] to throw them into the hopper all at once.
  • Do not underestimate the difficulty of each challenge, especially the parkour challenge.


  • At the entrance of the dojo, you can see six Chinese characters. Four of the characters "没有帽子" (méi yŏu mào zǐ) gives No Hat in English. This might be a reference to Nohats, a member of the build team.
  • Sensei Miyagi is a reference to Karate Kid.
  • Although Dojos are traditionally Japanese, the dojo features many Chinese characters instead.
  • The "Tales of the Past" scroll may be a reference to before the 1.14 update when items did not have elements.
  • The "Oriental Scriptures" scroll may be a reference to Star Wars Episode IV's Jedi Mind Trick.
  • The "Tales of the Mighty Dragon" Scroll could reference Ozoth, the Dragon that lives atop the eponymous Spire.
  • The "Tales of the Future" Scroll references modern smartphones.